What You Need to Know About the Mystical iPhone 5

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Every few weeks I talk to someone with a terrible old phone -- usually a broken BlackBerry or an iPhone with a shattered screen -- and the refrain is the same: "I'm waiting for the next iPhone."

So here's the question: when is this "next iPhone" coming and should you wait?

When talking about upcoming Apple products, it's always best to take rumors with a grain of salt. Nothing is certain (unless someone finds an iPhone lost in a bar) except that Apple usually announces a new phone at WWDC on June 11 in San Francisco and then releases it in late August. 

I do not expect this year to be any different. However, there are a few things popping up that may make it a bit more interesting.

First, there's the above photo. Feast your eyes on the new iPhone!

So what you're looking at is the back of a rumored iPhone 5. One thing to note, besides the flashy two-tone casing, is that this new model will use a micro USB slot, a format adopted by nearly all major phone manufacturers (except Apple). So almost every iPhone dock in the world will be obsolete. 

This means two things: you might as well upgrade this iteration because things are about to change in iPhone land and, more important, Apple is finally moving over to an industry standard.

Again, none of this may come to pass.

These images appear every year around this time and are usually blurry shots of iPhones taken either by "secret factory workers" or, more recently, iPhone repair places. Arguably the iPhone repair folks are in the iPhone rumor business in order to gain customers, but presumably they receive parts before everyone else.

But given the buzz swirling around this launch and the pictures I've seen, I'd say there's a 60 percent that these photos are real. As we approach the actual announcement, we'll definitely know more -- but this may be the time to hold off on upgrading your bulky old flip phone. The new iPhone could be just around the corner.

Do you believe the iPhone 5 is really coming soon? How do you feel about upgrading yet again?


Image via uBreakiFix.com 

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Heath... HeatherMazzone

I don't think it's two-toned. I think that's just the wrapping. It looks long and weird. I hope that's not the real thing bc I've been waiting to get this phone but I'm not impressed by this awkward looking thing at all

Jscot... Jscott1216

I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 since I got the 4. And I agree I hope that the picture is just distorted cause that just looks ackward. And I also thought its not two tones it's just the wrapper. My upgrade just happens to be in August should it be released then. Haha and for the record I hope they don't change the ports on the phones. I happen to like the chargers. I like that it's not mainstream I hope that they dont change this

nonmember avatar Lexi Jordan

I've seen this picture and one of the new black one, they ARE two toned, its not the wrapping. I seriously doubt these photos are real. To much stuff on them is very unlike Apple.

Procr... Procrastamom

I'm not an Applebot Fanboy.  What's so appealing about carrying a brick-sized phone with a teeny little screen around, anyways?  Is it just so you can be part of the club?

jessi... jessicasmom1

I do not splurge on electronic things so nope

Robin George

If you are not a fanboy, or not preparing to buy this phone...then why are you reading about it and commenting on it? It is a solid phone with a solid operating system, period. If you don't like the products, go ahead and get an Android that has an app market with no standards. Most of the apps on the Android market are pieces of crap and make the phones crash, or better yet don't work at all.

About the photos, yes they are exciting to see but I won't believe anything about the phone until it is announced by Mr. Cook on June 11th, unless someone "mistakenly" leaves the phone in a bar again.

Celia... Celiacelia

i wont even lie, i wish to death i could have an iphone and i hope tmobile gets it cause i want it im so tired of my android it constantly force cloes and its just a pain in the ass while ive owned every ipod touch i know more or less what the iphone is capable of and id rather have one of those im hoping that since steve jobs is no longer in the picture the iphone can be the device it deserves to be

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