'Offensive' Mastectomy Photos Banned in Another Facebook Fail

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Another day, another infuriating account of Facebook causing all sorts of personal offense with their questionable photo policy. I'm still reeling from the story of how Facebook deleted pictures of a mom's dying baby boy, and the latest is that the social media giant has banned a British woman's topless photos.

I know what you're thinking: Topless photos? That's nudity! Well, is it still nudity if it doesn't show a breast? Because this mom of two shared a photo session that was meant to commemorate having won her battle with breast cancer after having a mastectomy.

In other words, Joanne Jackson may be topless in some of the images—but the photos are hardly X-rated. They show a triumphant, courageously strong woman sharing her scar with the world.

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Jackson, 40, discovered a lump in her breast last year, and learned that she had two types of cancer. After her mastectomy, a professional photographer offered her the chance to pose for the camera, and she was thrilled to do so to show that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence and "there is life after a mastectomy":

There is nothing pornographic or explicit about these pictures. That was not the idea at all. I took breast cancer and the mastectomy in my stride and decided it wasn't going to stop me living my life. It wasn't going to define who I was, and it didn't make me any less attractive as a woman. (...) these pictures weren't as much about me as about other women who had maybe just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The images aren't fluffy, they are real and I am very proud of them.

Jackson posted the images in her own Facebook album and on pages for various cancer organizations, and unfortunately, someone reported the photos for being offensive. After Facebook reviewed the images, they agreed that the images weren't appropriate, and sent Jackson the following message:

Content you shared on Facebook has been removed because it violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Shares that contain nudity, pornography and graphic sexual content are not permitted on Facebook. This serves as a warning. Additional violations may result in the termination of your account.

So far, Facebook hasn't backed down from banning the images (a spokesperson said Facebook welcomed mastectomy pictures but that some images may breach regulations), although Jackson's friends have been doing their best to re-post the images as much as possible.

Personally, I think the images are powerful and inspirational and I have a hard time understanding why anyone would have flagged them in the first place. I don't know how Facebook defines nudity, but it's too bad they can't look past the fact that Jackson's skin is exposed to see the amazing message she's sending to the world.

What do you think about these photos—do you think they should have been banned?

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Freida Buttrey Ratliff

That is just the way it is, if you don't like the looks of it, keep your mammogram appointments....

Tasha M. Moreno

I see nothing wrong with the photo. I am glad she is doing good. Sometimes Facebook deletes photos that are fine and leaves some up that no one should ever see. In this case they are wrong.

Janet Simonis

The photos are not porn ... but I would not want them on Facebook or general sites of the internet.  Having gone through a mastectomy myself ... I would not pose for any type of photo like this.  Glad the woman who did these is doing well .... but I still think this is a private issue and not to be posted online for the world to see. 

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

While it's not something I find offensive per se, it's not something I want to see on Facebook. If one of my FB friends posted this I would most likely hide them from my feed or delete them.

I applaud her for her bravery in face of a very scary situation, but again it's just not something I want to see on FB.

nonmember avatar Michelle

This is so aggravating. Her picture is beautiful and true. Strength and powerful from a pose people are offended by. Sad. Although on facebook half the girls on there are practically naked..why arent their pictures removed?

Beverly Webb

Women are beautiful. These photos are not gross or pornographic. I think these photos should be used 1. as breast cancer awareness and 2. to prove there is life after cancer. You should be a proud survivor, not a number with a death sentence,!!!!

Chell... Chelle088

If a friend of mine posted a picture like this on facebook i would applaud her not hide her from my news feed. Its a beautiful thing. Anyways half the girls i have seen on facebook are practically naked. Why arent their pics removed?

nonmember avatar Dad

It must be a slow news day when the only thing to report on is YET ANOTHER instance of photo removal on the part of Facebook. This is becoming a DAILY occurence all over the web. Is it truly necessary to publish EVERY SINGLE one of them? If I called this article "click-bait" or "trolling for comments" I would be right because not only did I click on it, I commented too...so I guess you win.

Chell... Chelle088

What if a man with breast cancer posted a picture of his chest for cancer awareness..would facebook remove it? Doubt it.

Krystal Kelsey O'berry

Good for her! I dont see what is so offensive. A man can post a picture of his bare chest, this shows nothing at all how is this any different. I feel its her choice, if you dont like it dont look at it. To me she shows such courage!

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