Facebook Goes Public & Unleashes Hilarity on Twitter

Facebook goes public

Today's the big day. Facebook is officially public. I know what you're thinking: Wasn't it public before? Cute. Listen, I don't understand much of this swanky Wall Street-tastic language, but from what I gather, Facebook is letting people buy their own small piece of the company (AKA, shares) for something like $38. Except you have to be one of those people that knows people to get in on the action. Yeaaaah, I'm not one of those people.

Whatever. I'm sure if actually snagging a piece of the Facebook pie for myself was a viable option, I'd care more. You know what I do care about? Twitter. Let me tell you, people have been going BONKERS over this Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Check out the madness for yourself, here:


@Jesus: "BUY BUY BUY!"

@Rosenberg_Mike: "Somewhere, Mark Zuckerberg is drinking champagne, leaning back, and gleefully unfriending a lot of people."

@DavidGoldmanCNN: "I hope the Celetics perform better tonight than this #FBipo"

@Yoda: "Purchase stock in Facebook I will not. Own the Force I already do. Yesss. #FBipo"

@ZacharyJLove: "What is Zuckerberg drinking tonight? I got 5 on a white wine I've never heard of."

@dflashnyc: "Evidence that the world is still in balance on the day that #FBipo is happening, this is the trending hashtag: #signsurahoodratmother"

@edspangler: "$100 billion for a website that keeps you connected & lets you poke your friends? Give me some duct tape & a stick & I'll do it for $4 #FBipo"

@kellas: "Just got off the phone with our Facebook rep at FB headquarters. Sounds like a party over there. #FBipo"

Do you care about Facebook going public?


Image via Robert Scoble/Flickr

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