10 Hilarious Facebook Tips for Those Crazies on Your Friend List

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facebook login screenAny seasoned Facebook user knows there are certain "rules of the road," if you will, when sharing via the social network. Like you wouldn't ever post something potentially embarrassing or drama-inducing on a friend's wall; you'd privately message them instead. You don't post photos of every single meal you ever cooked (or ate). And you wouldn't purposely start a comment war on almost every status update your friends write ... Right?

Oh, who am I kidding! These are rules that are made to be broken, as far as tons of Facebook users care. Still, that hasn't stopped Twitter fans from poking fun at Facebook fiends by chiming into the hashtag trending game "10 Facebook Tips," based on a not so tongue-in-cheek round-up for "Facebook power users" by Mashable. Here, 10 of the funniest (because they're true!) tips that have been tweeted so far ... 

  1. "Do NOT spell 'you're' as 'your' when you are trying to say you are. everyone WILL explain how illiterate you are." -@keemypit
  2. "Don't EVER click the link to 'see who is looking at your profile.' You will be hacked and everyone will know you are sad." -@trabasack
  3. "Keep your relationship problems between you & your significant other. Dont post them!" -@goodgrlproblems
  4. "Don't use HASHTAGS!" -@RealTweet
  5. "Wear clothes in your profile picture." -@IamMARKKIE
  6. "Don't do the duckface." -@raymondfarr
  7. "Don't like your own status, it's like giving yourself a high-five." -@inhousent
  8. "Don't like people's photos from 2 years ago, we can tell you've been stalking. #JustSaying" -@JubileeOfficial
  9. "Add everyone, post lyrics and more lyrics, create drama, upload pictures daily, use incorrect grammar. Repeat." -@HarryPotterish
  10. "Do not update your status 24/7. Get a Twitter account if you want to do so." -@thekhayalan15

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What's your tip for Facebook "power users"?


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Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

I love the "don't like your own status" tip. It's so true! I have a couple of FB friends who do that all the time and it's just stupid. Of  course you like your own status.

nonmember avatar B

I like my own status when I say something very profound. I also give myself high-fives when I do things that are most excellent.

Karen Kelley Mares

I'd also add, "Try not to bore me to death with tales of cleaning out your car."

Melissa Carter

#3 seems obvious, but common sense aint that common. I would add dont post 374 music videos from youtube. Thats YOUR playlist, not mine. I am NOT listening to all that right now. YOU are.

nonmember avatar Justme

I have a friend that will post new pictures, then the next day tag themself in the picture...then at some point "like" that same picture. Yea...we've all seen it...and there's a reason you're the only one liking it! She does it with Status updates too..

Tonya Motes Lay

Honestly I think that if you don't want to see it unsubscribe to them are make only their "important" posts show up. Otherwise it's your own fault you see it all. Not to mention there is probably something that you do that annoys that friend just as much. 

Tisha Truelove-McCowan

WHY ARE THERE RULES...I personally don't give a crap if I spell something wrong, I will post whatever the hell I want to post ...when I want ...and if someone doesn't like it they can delete or unfriend me...I probably wouldn't notice anyway!

Also ...I # 8 is stupid...sometimes I actually make the time to go to a friends page and look at their photos...I never have time to do it and I'm not stalking them!

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

I hate the play by plays of football games every 3 minutes. I'm watching it too I don't need to scroll thru 487 posts from you about it. I like my own status if it's something about my weight loss or kids excelling in life milestones etc.

Sandra Matsunaga

I don't know about this list.  I personally think everyone should use their own FB however they want.  That's why we each have our own and it's so easy to change what you see as well.  Don't like someone's updates?  Switch to "only important" or "unsubscribe from updates" or even "unfriend."  It's not that hard...

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