College Fails Entire Student Body in Epic Email 'Fail'


Over the weekend, a university in Michigan decided to dismiss its entire student body. An email was sent to all students registered at Eastern Michigan University with the words:

As a result of your Winter 2012 academic performance, you have been dismissed from Eastern Michigan University.

Yikes. That's a lot dummies in one college. The only problem is that the failed students were actually victims of an epic email fail.

The dismissal email, which was supposed to go out to only about 100 students, was mistakenly sent out to the entire student body, and even some recent graduates. Wrote one student: "Had I read the email when it was immediately sent, I would have felt light-headed, especially since I have a 4.0 GPA."

Not long after the dismissal email, another one went out, this time telling students that a mistake had been made. Wrote the mortified college president, Susan Martin:

Please disregard the message or any letter you may receive.

Huh, so fail letters went out, too? Did anyone make any fail phone calls? Well, we've all been guilty of the occasional embarrassing email fail. I once was cc'd on an email by a work colleague who was making fun of me. (We're still friends!) And once I sent an email complaining about a particularly difficult public relations person to a coworker -- only instead I sent it to the PR lady herself. (Lots of groveling involved in that one.)

But for a university to send out an email fail to the entire student body? At least for this class, EMU gets a big fat F.

Have you ever had an epic email fail?

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navyw... navywife0204

I think they need to get someone who is paying more attention to what they are doing before mistakes like this are made....

Mariah Hildebrand

After the first semester at college me and a few others i knew received dismissal letters by mistake. One poor kids parents made him go clean out his dorm room before we found out it was a mistake. I knew i hadnt done my best, but it was a horrible letter to read. Of course that was a few years ago and most people werent lawsuit crazy. Im sure there will be a few filed for the 'emotional toll' an email or letter like that caused.

nonmember avatar Susan

Same college that covered up a murder of a student,

nonmember avatar Daniel

Appreciate your lastly speaking regarding College Fails Entire Student Body in Epic Email 'Fail' | The Stir Preferred this!
is parked

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