Obama's New Gal Pal 'Julia' Is a Wise Way to Win Women's Votes

life of julia President Obama's always been a trailblazer in the way he uses technology to communicate with the public. So, it should come as no big surprise that his re-election campaign has stepped it up yet again in the social media sphere with a new online interactive tool called "The Life of Julia." 

The "representation of a typical middle-class woman throughout the different phases of her life" allows you to click through paper doll-looking graphics that make up "Julia's" life, from ages 3 to 67. In each phase, you see how Obama's policies would benefit her versus how Mitt Romney's proposed policies would leave her in the dust. For example, thanks to Barry, Julia has improved college access, help suing for pay discrimination, and free preventative health care services, such as contraception. 

No big surprise: Conservatives have already been having a field day with Julia on Twitter, mocking her, and arguing how much worse off she'll be thanks to Obama's policies.


The RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted, "#Julia in the future won't have Social Security or Medicare thanks to Obama," and conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch wrote, "Silly #Julia, you can't accomplish anything without the male-dominated government!" And that's the rhetoric they're sticking with -- that with this snazzy web slideshow, Camp O is just showing its "true colors" about how much totally heart Big Government. Uh-huh.

Julia was never going to convert staunch Republicans. She wasn't meant to. She was meant to appeal to women who are either on the fence, apolitical, or already fans of our POTUS. And for these women, "Julia" is a smart, intriguing way to compare Obama's approach to Mitten's on various policies that will affect women one way or the other. Plus, just from a mere innovation standpoint, you gotta appreciate how this colorful concept is totally out of the box compared to your dry old-school attack ads or campaign ad copy. I'll certainly be interested to see if Camp Mitt can come up with an equally creative counterpoint.

What do you make of "Life of Julia"?

Image via BarackObama.com

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