Obama's New Gal Pal 'Julia' Is a Wise Way to Win Women's Votes

life of julia President Obama's always been a trailblazer in the way he uses technology to communicate with the public. So, it should come as no big surprise that his re-election campaign has stepped it up yet again in the social media sphere with a new online interactive tool called "The Life of Julia." 

The "representation of a typical middle-class woman throughout the different phases of her life" allows you to click through paper doll-looking graphics that make up "Julia's" life, from ages 3 to 67. In each phase, you see how Obama's policies would benefit her versus how Mitt Romney's proposed policies would leave her in the dust. For example, thanks to Barry, Julia has improved college access, help suing for pay discrimination, and free preventative health care services, such as contraception. 

No big surprise: Conservatives have already been having a field day with Julia on Twitter, mocking her, and arguing how much worse off she'll be thanks to Obama's policies.

The RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted, "#Julia in the future won't have Social Security or Medicare thanks to Obama," and conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch wrote, "Silly #Julia, you can't accomplish anything without the male-dominated government!" And that's the rhetoric they're sticking with -- that with this snazzy web slideshow, Camp O is just showing its "true colors" about how much totally heart Big Government. Uh-huh.

Julia was never going to convert staunch Republicans. She wasn't meant to. She was meant to appeal to women who are either on the fence, apolitical, or already fans of our POTUS. And for these women, "Julia" is a smart, intriguing way to compare Obama's approach to Mitten's on various policies that will affect women one way or the other. Plus, just from a mere innovation standpoint, you gotta appreciate how this colorful concept is totally out of the box compared to your dry old-school attack ads or campaign ad copy. I'll certainly be interested to see if Camp Mitt can come up with an equally creative counterpoint.

What do you make of "Life of Julia"?

Image via BarackObama.com

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Flori... Floridamom96

Honest question for any liberal, what is appealing about having the government take care of you? I'm open to debate with anyone who gives an honest, sincere answer devoid of the typical hatefulness usually directed at conservatives. I sincerely don't understand how this is anything but offensive.

nonmember avatar LizH

That does dismay me because they take from others who need it and /would/ give back. So, I struggle with that aspect of it as well. Always many sides to anything you do. Anyway, hope that helped a little.

Sarah Todrick


@ Floridamom96: I honestly don't really think of it as the government taking care of you. It's us taking care of each other. I think it's dangerous to paint the government as "BIG GOVERNMENT"-- some stange, faraway entity that has nothing to so with us. That's the whole idea of a government "By the people, for the people"- without the citizens, the government is nothing.

We all pay into the system through taxes with the understanding that if we should need it, there is a social safety net. Granted, through decades of mismanagement from both parties (not JUST the Democrats and not JUST the Republicans), some of those safety nets are not as ssafe as they shold be. But from my perspective, which I have to say is also informed by my religous beliefs, the mark of a good society is if they take care of the people who are the weakest-- the children, the ill, the disabled, the elderly, the people for, whatever reason, need a little support in their corner.


Sarah Todrick

(Cont) Please understand, I am totally aghast at the people who use things like welfare etc as a lifestyle or an excuse. They should be ashamed of themselves. But that doesn't mean that those programs themselves are bad or unneccecary.

As for the app itself-- when I visited it, I noticed that it focuses on things that are mostly not all that gender specific--- education, healthcare, etc. as well as some gender specific things like The Lily Ledbetter Act (Equal Pay for Equal Work). It could be replaced by a man, really, and be almost as effective. I personally think it's a little too twee and cutesy for my taste, but I understand the thought behind it. 

Even if you don't agree, I hope this clarifies the thought process of this liberal for you, at least. And trust me, there is nothing I appreciate more than someone who is willing to engage in respectful discourse with someone who doesn't hold the same opinions! The whole "bash the other side" thing really does give both conservatives and liberals a bad name sometimes.

Liz Hogancamp

Argh, the first 3/4 of my comment got cut off! (LizH because the Fb plug-in was being funky).  But pretty much everything Sarah wrote is what I had written. I'll try to paraphrase it as best as I can remember. Basically, I don't view it as being taken care of. I view it as assistance and an investment in the future by making education, healthcare, etc accessible and affordable for everyone. My perspective on it is that the government helps a person or a few people succeed in the hopes that they in turn give back and help others succeed. However, I know this isn't necessarily the case (where my cut-off comment comes in). There are those who unfortunately take and take without giving back or without helping themselves and that is frustrating. What do you do with them? They spoil it for the people who do take and then give back. However, I've never believed in the "punish the whole class because someone misbehaved" approach because there are those who legitimately benefit and then give back to society either by way of volunteering, paying taxes, donating money, etc. It's very much a "everyone benefits and everybody helps everybody else" ideal, instead of an "every man for himself" ideal that some have. This is just my perspective and I can't speak for how anyone else feels. Hope this helps a little.

Flori... Floridamom96

Thank you, Sarah. It is so refreshing here on TheStir to have someone open and honest rather than screaming that I'm a hate onager because I don't agree with them. I, too, believe that the measure of a society is how they care for and protect the most vulnerable in their midst. I differ greatly with you on the best way that can be accomplished. First of all I believe that freedom is more important than taking care of others. I believe whole heartedly that we must be free to choose for ourselves how and whether we will provide that care and protection. Second, I believe that private institutions and individuals are much better at providing that care and protection (with the exception of defense of the nation in the form of the military). Accountability is a necessary part of acheiving this care and protection and is much better accomplished in a small, local, private organization than within the massive bureaucracy of a government agency. The lack of any real accountability is, in large part, responsible for massive waste and failure of government agencies. I believe that the agencies meant to provide this safety net have never been a success.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I have two comments. The first is directed at Ms. Brown, and other bloggers here at The Stir: PLEASE stop with "Mittens". It's "Mitt", "Mitt Romney" or "Mr. Romney". (Likewise, "Barry". He's not your personal friend, he's the President of the United States, and deserves the respect of the office).

Readers and writers alike would be up in arms if one of your conservative bloggers (Jenny, for example) used the popular (if stupid) "Obummer" to refer to Mr. Obama. And they would be absolutely correct in doing so.

Please afford each candidate the respect they deserve as successful men. There's plenty of policy material to make fun of. But to resort to name calling, even something as passe as "Mittens" is to demean the process and the men.

Flori... Floridamom96

Also, I believe firmly in following and upholding to Consitution. None of the programs, whether right or wrong, that liberals believe in and support are allowed by the Consitution. If you truly believe in them then it is my opinion that you must seek to implement them in a constitutional manner. The only way to do that is to amend the cosntituion to allow wealth redistribution (which currently is unconstitutional) and the creation of all these social programs.

PonyC... PonyChaser

And my second comment, on FloridaMom's question: I am a staunchly conservative mom. For the last four years, thanks to a wreck that left my husband permanently disabled, we have been beholden to the "system". Because of his previous salaries, our Social Security Disability payment has been generous, so we have been able to keep our home, and live close to what we had before the wreck. But...

He has medicare, my son is covered by our states child program. I have no health insurance. I do not qualify for state medicaid because we make "too much". I cannot afford private health insurance.

Thanks, in part, to policies put in place by this administration - one that is sucking more and more tax money out of companies to pay for massive entitlements - I cannot find a job. I have a degree. I have tons of skills. But I don't have the *right* degree, because there are SO MANY people looking for work, that businesses must use some marker to 'thin the herd'. I get the short straw.

Our prices are going up – gasoline out here is over $3.50/gal, and milk is approaching the $3 mark. But our entitlement money is not going up as fast. We are feeling the pinch.

Our only solution is a job, but that horizon is bleak, at best. My hope, right now, is a presidential candidate who is not enamored by Marxist theories, but understands that when the government is out of the way, the economy can flourish and people can succeed.

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