The Eerie New Site That Lets You Tweet and Facebook After You Die

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Would you rather die than take a break from social media? I'm guessing there are very few people who would actually admit to being THAT addicted to Facebook, but if the thought of being separated from your social networks secretly gives you heart palpitations, don't worry! Thanks to an innovative new startup, even if you keel over right this minute from cardiac arrest, you can still send out tweets and update your status—from beyond the grave.

DeadSocial is a service that lets you continue to send out social media notifications after you die. Yes, you read that right: now, not even death can stop you from sharing your thoughts with the world and maintaining your online friendships!

Although the first thing you'll probably want to do is change your Facebook status to "It's Complicated."

If you're wondering whether or not DeadSocial somehow turns dead people into tweeting, link-sharing zombies, I'm sorry to say it's not quite that awesome—basically, the service is all about scheduled notifications.

While you're still alive, you link your DeadSocial account to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account, and write messages that you want sent out at specific times after you kick the bucket. You choose a friend or loved one to be your "super administrator," and they have the responsibility of notifying DeadSocial that you are in fact no longer alive. At that point, your messages get posted at whatever intervals you chose—days, weeks, or years after you're six feet under.

Here's a little video on how it works:

DeadSocial describes itself as a service that "explores the notion of digital legacy and allows us all to extend our digital life through technology and the social web," and I suppose I can see how this might be interesting in practice. I mean, maybe it would be soothing to see a Facebook status or tweet pop up from a long-dead friend, in a way that helps trigger fond memories.

Or, you know, maybe it would be INCREDIBLY CREEPY. The idea of private goodbyes being held after death via public social media is just kind of depressing, and are we really so attached to our accounts that we can't bear the thought of them going silent after we pass? What kind of legacy are we creating, really, by being so infatuated with our online presence we want it to continue after we're no longer around to participate?

Although maybe that right there is at the heart of what this service is all about. DeadSocial feeds directly into our ancient, primal fear of death, by offering us the hope that we can somehow live on. We can't control when or how we're going to die, but by god we can be sure we're still tweeting afterwards.

The question is, what will we talk about? "Soft tissue officially starting to break down. Finally losing that stubborn 10 pounds LOL!!!"

What do you think of DeadSocial? Would you want to receive social media notifications from a dead person?

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mommy... mommy2annaliese

Creepy. I would not want to see dead peoples status updates on my news feed.


kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Having lost my MIL just last year..... sometimes i wonder what she would say for things shes watching from above. Maybe im creepy but it would be kinda cool to every now and again see something pop up from her. But my heart still aches for her so maybe ill feel different in a few years. *shrug*. I want my kids to remember her soooooooo very bad and they didnt have very long with her to really are build a solid foundation of memories :(. With the right administrators this could be cool.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I agree with the above, CREEPY. I have lost too many loved one's and it's hard enough dealing with the loss, it would be like re-living the pain everytime a "new" status update appears. 


navyw... navywife0204

I don't know... it seems like it would keep the people left behind from grieving and moving on...

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm wicked morbid so when I first read about this my mind went right to a serious of decomp jokes about maggots tickling my liver and my scalp sliding off.


I lost a very dear friend of mine last year. No goodbye, no final words... It's my biggest regret that I wasn't able to make time to see him in between my two surgeries last year. And when I thought I was well and ready to jump in the car and go he left unexpectedly. I still visit his FB page often, and write him like I used to ( and hope that he knew he is always in my thoughts). It would have been really nice if he did this so his family and friends could be comforted. It's just too hard to bare to lose a friend this young. He was 36.

nonmember avatar kayla

while i would have a dark sense of humor in writing post mortem statuses, this could be a sweet way to communicate. look at the movie PS I Love You. Look at the little girl who left notes for her parents all over the house. It's just how you use it that matters.

amberleh amberleh

I don't know how long this company will last, Facebook revokes access to accounts after the account holder passes away once they find out about it, and it reads in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that absolutely NO ONE is allowed access to your account but you, so Facebook might well sue this company for violating their policies....

Sidthe Sidthe

...Maybe if it was a case like Avery the baby with the bucket list maybe I would do something like that.

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