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6 Types of Moms Who Love Video Games: Are You One of Them?

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Video GamerAlright, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I love video games. Seriously, there's almost nothing I love more than whipping some booty in a round or two (or six) of Crash Bandicoot circa 1996 or, EVEN BETTER, Mario Kart. So what if these games aren't, like, the hippest most happenin' ones on the market these days? They're sorta old school. Old school AMAZING.

OK, so I may not be your run-of-the-mill average gamer. But hell, I'm SURE there are loads of other women like me. In fact, check out these 6 unexpected types of moms that play video games, too:

The jealous mom: Every day, she watches her kids play for an hour (or hours, depending on how much of a break she needs) on their fave video game system after school. Little do the teensy tykes know that in the mornings, you know, after she drops them off for the school bus, she heads home and excitedly plays their Nintendo DS for an hour. Ahhhh, victory is hers.

The angsty mom: She may not always get her way around the house, but when it's time to pick up a video game controller, everyone knows who is the boss. Things exploding? Awesome. Shooting down criminals? The BEST.

The "I'm gonna school you" mom: Oh, the kids are interested in gaming but don't know how to play? The "I'm gonna school you" mom uses her past experience as a crutch. No, she doesn't crave gaming, but if someone just NEEDS to LEARN how to play? She will be there from dawn 'til dusk. It's her duty.

The totally tubular social mom: This is the mom who dabbles in Wii Fit with her kids and their friends. Does she want to workout and burn some cals? Maybe, but let's be real: that's not why she's in game mode. What she really wants is for her children's friends to go home and tell their parents how TOTALLY RAD she is. A few rounds of Wii Sports later: mission accomplished. 

The retrotastic mom: This mom is ADDICTED to old school games (you know, like me). Anything that was first played on an Atari is fair game.

The Facebook mom: Have you ever heard of a little gem called FarmVille? Yup, this mom is addicted to that and every other playable aspect that the popular social network has to offer. Unfortunately, the Facebook mom is a whole lot LESS cool than the social mom, mostly because her friends are TOTALLY sick of her constant newsfeed updates. Sorry hun, no one in the real world cares that you got a "Pretty Garden" ribbon.

Are you a gaming mom? Do you have any friends that fit into these categories?


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I suppose I am part "retrotastic", since we have my family's old NES in our home and those games will always be my favorite. But I am also in another category... one where my kids are three and under and don't actually have video games of their own, they all belong to me and my husband.

Jenniy Jenniy

Zelda, Dr Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Final Fantasy and WoW. :)

Jennifer Gainer Wildeboer

I'm not on this list, but it's ok because I'm not a gaming geek mom, I'm a level 80 Worgen Druid... 

Kediset Kediset

I'm with Jennifer, but not a lv 80 Worgen druid... lol

I'm more of a web gamer, though there are lots of non-web video games that I'd love to play if I could afford to... and I do have a bit of loyalty to some of the older games I've played before, like FF7 and Super Mario World.

Basically I'm all over the map. Lol. Than again, I'm not a mom, so maybe when I am one, I might fit one of these.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Well I'm probably a retro game mom but I do love me some Halo. Also any MarioKart game. Lately we've been downloading all the old Mario and DonkeyKong games on our Wii. Brings back so many memories.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

Circus Charlie! Does anyone remember Circus Charlie (circa 1985)

Torto... Tortoise77

I love video gaming! So does my DH. I'm currently playing dungeon siege 3. Next game I wanna play is skyrim. Yeah yeah you're all probably wondering where I get the time from.... well, I pull off many all nighters when everyone's asleep : P hehehehehehe.. Oh, I love Mario and Sonic! <3

Jodi B Malone

I LIVE for Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DDR! I'm a 52yr old mom and can DUST my 16yr old, my husband and all my kid's friends! I also LOVE puzzle games like Bejeweled and Swap It! Don't even get me staerted on FB games! LOL! I even won $200 at Six Flags a few years ago in a Guitar Hero contest!

2shor... 2short4lyfe

im a 5 star general in H3 (halo 3) if i pick up the controller, best to leave mom alone, im on break!


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