Bra That Holds Your Cell Phone Is Every Woman's Dream

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joeybra cell phone holding braOK, so I have an addiction. The good news: It's not anything, you know, really really bad for me. And well, you're probably a little addicted to the same thing, too. My cell phone. My iPhone, to be more specific. You know what makes me super sad? When I want to bring it somewhere with me, but DON'T want to bring a bag. A nightmare, I know.

Men, they have pockets. Let me rephrase that: They have pockets that you won't notice a wallet or a phone tucked into. But us? Usually we have tighter pockets. We have pockets that don't necessarily fit a phone (insert flip-phone nostalgia ... NOW).

But my fellow addicts, REJOICE! I have good news! A few smartypants college students have come up with the JoeyBra, a bra complete with a side pocket to store your cell and going out necessities.

Seriously, it sounds simple enough. WHY did this take so long?

I admit, back in my college days, there was a time or ten that I tucked my lesser techy mobile device into my cleavage. I promise, it wasn't weird. Heck, you wouldn't have even noticed it was there. But with my bigger and notably more expensive iPhone, I would never dream of it.

That's exactly why in my eyes -- the JoeyBra is a win-win. A. It's a normal bra so the girls, they're super supported. B. It holds my partner in crime securely so I'm not worried. With a good cell phone case and this bra, I'll be able to go out for a fun night with friends without a worry in the world. Of course if I need anything from that side pocket, I'll make sure to excuse myself to the ladies' room to get it out.

The JoeyBra will be on sale at the University of Washington's book store this summer.

Would you wear the JoeyBra?


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coupo... coupon_ash_back

How weird.

It reminds me of women that dig in their bra/breasts to get out some money.

nonmember avatar Bridgett

Ugh. "Would of". It's "would have". I'm really starting to hate reading stuff!

nonmember avatar dre

Ewww! Can you imagine deoderant residue and pit sweat in the little crevisis of the phone!!! Gross. Just keep it in your pocket.

Sidthe Sidthe

...^^^GROSS!!! I always kept my old phone in my clevage if there was ever an instance I didn't have access to my own pockets, a purse, or my boyfriends pockets...

Now that I have a Droid Bionic...def gonna have to rethink it. I got plenty of clevage but I'm a little against looking like I have a box in my breasts...

Elisabeth Dale

There are many products on the market that hold keys, credit cards, etc., that can be attached to your bra. Trying to fit in something extra (other than a woman's breasts) is asking way too much of an already over-challenged apparatus.

littl... littlelambe2

Ewwwwww. My SIL already carries her cel phone under her bra strap. Sure looks classy when she pulls it out every five minutes to text someone.

Felip... FelipesMom

I think it's brilliatnt! You can preorder one at They are $19.99, and the only color right now is leopard print. The site says they will ship in June.

SueMN... SueMNanaMama

Um, cellphone radiation so close to my boobs?  Not sure that's a good idea...

AnnaMariah Nau

You might want to rethink this idea. In addition to cancer, cellphone radiation has been linked with a lot of other issues, including one that may affect you on a daily basis...lack of focus. hmmm maybe that's why you didn't realize this wasn't such a good idea

Sandi Heinrich

Absolutely would NOT wear this, and you might consider sharing this information about breast cancer related to cell phone storage in the bra? PROTECT THE GIRLS!

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