5 Reasons I Won't Be Facebooking About My Baby

it's a girl signI'm not a serious Facebook user. I mean, I have an account and I like it and I occasionally indulge in a bout of stalking, but for the most part, I consider myself a mild to moderate user of the social media site. I find plenty of things annoying about Facebook, and I don't like people being all up in my business, so I'm not one to divulge much on there -- especially when it comes to my pregnancy.

Others have written things on my "wall" about my gestation, my shower, my due date, etc., but I have managed to stay mum on the subject the entire 40 weeks. Partly by design, partly because, like I said, I'm not one to divulge. And I'm definitely not going to be Facebooking like a lunatic about my baby once she's born -- and here are five reasons why.

I don't want to be "that girl." You know who that person is. We all have a "that girl" in our Facebook circle of friends. They think that they're the first person on planet Earth ever to get pregnant, and they think everyone loves their newsfeeds being completely jacked up with photo after photo (after photo) of their baby freshly emerged from their vagina, still covered in goo. No thanks.

I don't want to be judged. See what I just did above? That was judging. No, it wasn't very nice, and I don't want people doing that to me.

I don't want to think of every moment and photo as a Facebook opportunity. You know what I mean? Does that make sense? I don't want to look at my baby's life -- or life in general -- through that lens. Not everything has to be a photo op or a status update.

I don't want my kid all over the Internet. I don't really like the fact that I'm all over the Internet, so I probably shouldn't do that to my child, right?

All of my "friends" don't need to be privy to these private details of my life. Of course I want my family members, IRL friends, and co-workers to see photos of my baby, but I don't need random people I went to high school with or dudes I met at a party three years ago seeing such intimacies of my life.

Have you posted tons of baby photos to Facebook? Do you know anyone who has?

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nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

Reason number 6- you care to much about what people think.

You're not alone but almost every reason just sounded like you are holding back because of what others think. I do it sometimes as well.

I'm not a huge poster. In fact I'm on it more than people think but I post so little people comment that I'm never on. And I have 2 amazing kids! If people don't want to see others photos or 30 post in 5 hours then hide their newsfeed or unfriend them. I have 3 of those "friends", but I don't really mind it.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I usually enjoy posts by this blogger, but this one rubs me the wrong way. I just cannot wrap my mind around people having a gajillion people on their friends list. If they're not important enough to share with, then why have them? I didnt have any social media pages when I popped out my first child, but this time around I have documented just about every hormonal moment, morning sickness symptom and worry in my pregnant head. My friends talk with me about it and my family lives far away from me so they enjoy knowing whats going on with me...for some people its the only way to stay close. 

And further more, you dont have to put up with "those girls" ...block them from your wall, defriend them, or otherwise ignore it. I hate it when people sit and bitch about facebook. If its so horrible and you feel so violated and judged then delete your page. No one is forcing you to have a page! They're wonderful tools for those who are responsible using them.

kelli... kelli0585


the4m... the4mutts

I agree with evalyn. I had hoped this was some post about not sharing your kids' names & dates of birth for safety reasons. But, its yet another "facebook is the devil" rant.

Just get off facebook and stop whining about it if you hate it so much

nonmember avatar SJsMommy

I completely agree with Evalyn.. I love facebook.. Im a total update facebook twice a day usually person... and yes I share all about my babies milestones etc. That being said I also have 60 friends total... being FAMILY, close friends, and people I personally know. Fcaebook is about sharing and keeping those you care abut updated. If no one shared anything on FB and it was all just people logging in to be facebook stalkers like the author above.... there would be nothing to read :-). I have deleted a few people because their posts made me roll my eyes more often than it made me smile.. I didnt want to be THAT judgemental person apparently like the author so I deleted her and now whenever I log on its all smiles and laughing bc my "friends" are fun.

amand... amandasmomma

Why don't you "un-friend" those random people you went to high school with and the dudes that you met at parties three years ago? If your facebook friends are truly your friends, they will want to see pictures of your baby girl. If not, I wouldn't consdier them friends.

nonmember avatar Brooke

I duno, I agree with you. I just had the conversation yesterday with my husband about deleting my Facebook. I just think its weird that we have become so obsessed with everyone else's lives.

nonmember avatar len

I did GREAT keeping my pregnancy low key on facebook, and I said everything you said above about not going nuts with the baby stuff.... but.... when that baby comes and every minute of your day is dedicated to it... there isn't anything else TO post about. People post about what they are doing and thinking, so if all you are doing and thinking about is baby baby baby, then that's what you will post, it's just natural. I did try to keep it cliche free (never made stupid posts about:omg she's getting so big- yeah, no duh, babies grow.) And as far as the pictures, good luck. I did'nt have ANY intention of posting lots of pictures of her, but I was literally HARASSED by friends and family to show them the baby. I still think I keep it to a minimum compared to other mom friends, but it's kind of unavoidable.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

@ Kelli0585 I was thinking the exact same thing! I can not stand people that bitch about parents who share moments about their kids on Facebook. Everyone is free to use Facebook how they want to and if a ”friend” has an issue with it, they know where the delete button is. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your kids. The only truly annoying people are the judgy ones like you.

HaiDanni HaiDanni

i was "that girl" on myspace. Remember myspace lol? But once i made the facebook jump i stopped. I actually kept secret from all but a few select people baby number 2 until i had him. I actually had fb friends going "i didnt even know you were pregnant"! No kidding, i didnt "status update" that i was.

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