New Glowing Nook Is Perfect for Late Nights With Baby

For most of the past month, my wife has been reading her Nook in our newborn baby's room, squinting at the e-ink screen in the near darkness. Luckily, something just came along that is going to make her life - and a lot of mommies' lives - better: the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

The Simple Touch has the same screen as the Nook and the entry-level Kindle models. But when you hold down a button, the screen lights up with a bright white glow. The backlit screen is easily readable in the dark and the black text on white background is easier on the eyes than a bright tablet screen.


My wife has been testing this at night with our new baby and she reported that Water For Elephants was finally readable, even in the dim light of the nursery.

The screen is also easy to read in sunlight thanks to the e-ink technology, so it's great for outdoor use. It also two months on one charge, one month if you plan on using the backlight quite a bit. Compared to, say, an iPad or a Kindle Fire, the Simple Touch casts a lighter, gentler light and is great for reading in bed when the S.O. is asleep. 

The new device weighs about 7 ounces. It can hold hundreds of books and you can buy them from the Barnes & Noble ebook store or upload documents and PDF files to read on the go.

The old model without GlowLight costs $99. This new version costs $40 more, but there's a very good reason.

A Barnes & Noble rep explained that for many customers, a case with built-in booklight is usually the most popular accessory people buy with e-ink readers. Now, for the price of $150, the booklight comes built in. In essence, you kill two birds with one stone.

The device is available at and at Barnes & Noble stores.

Do you read when you're up in the middle of the night with your kids and would this Nook make your life easier?


Image via Barnes & Noble

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