Axl Rose 'Twitter Death Hoax' Is a Sign Fans Are Fed Up (VIDEO)

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axl roseGuess who's not dead? I'm gonna give you a hint, okay? Ready? Shananananananananananana knees? Knees? Wow, I'm surprised you didn't get that one. Hmm. Let me try again. Think tight leather pants and that little side-to-side shimmy. Long red hair. Tattoos.

Still no? Oh hang on, I know why you don't know who I'm talking about (it's Axl Rose, by the way). Because I'm talking about old school Axl Rose. Appetite for Destruction Axl Rose.

Axl Rose when he was ... Axl Rose, not a whiny little diva who ditched the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony because he was in a fight with Slash. Or the creepy older boyfriend of a ... singer (?).

Anyway, Axl Rose is not dead. But apparently the aforementioned Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame snub ticked off a lot more people than he probably intended (Slash), because just like that: #RIPAxlRose!

I mean, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. Twitter Death Hoaxes typically don't seem to be tied to any actual feelings of ill will.

But it is sort of an odd coincidence, dontcha think?

Good thing Axl apologized to Cleveland, at least, because he clearly needs to win back all those once-adoring fans. And I think he really did feel like a d-bag when he realized how many people he disappointed.

Atta boy, Axl. Takin' a step in the right direction.

Now if he would just ditch the dreadlocks and bring back the bandana/aviators combo ...

Do you think the Axl Rose Twitter Death Hoax was an intentional dig?



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nonmember avatar Spencer

He took his braids out years ago and been doing the bandana aviators thing for a few years now...

easun... easunshine

If by years you mean months, then yes, he did. He still rocks the braids sometimes. There are photos of him from early this year with his braids.

I love axl!

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