Texting Pilot Narrowly Escapes Major Plane Crash


plane landingSo, there's good news and bad news. The good news is it seems like we're making headway with this whole texting and driving thing. Millions of dollars have been poured into this campaign, and what with Oprah backing it, people are bound to heed the message. The bad news is people are now texting and flying. Well, not just any ol' people. Pilots. Pilots are texting and flying.

The incident actually happened last May on a flight from Australia to Singapore, but the story's just been revealed now. Apparently, a Jetstar plane had to abort a landing at the last minute because the wheels of the plane weren't yet lowered. And the reason the wheels of the plane weren't yet lowered is because the captain of the flight was too busy texting to get caught up in all that nonsense.

Doesn't flying get more comforting by the minute?

The co-pilot of the plane allegedly saw him "preoccupied with his mobile phone" and claims that he didn't answer his requests twice. The pilot says he had forgotten to turn off his phone and was just trying to unlock it so he could do so. Sure.

People. Enough with the g.d. cell phones! By no means do I think I'm a more evolved person than, well, most, but I really don't/can't/won't understand how hard it is to not text in certain situations. Like when you're supposed to be landing a plane. Christ. Just turn the phone off -- or put it as far away from you as possible -- when you're driving/flying/at the movies/on a first date, etc. It's really a very easy problem. People could have died here -- they do die from texting. And it doesn't have to be that way, because it's 100 percent totally avoidable. Dang.

Do you text and drive ever?

Image via bkaree1/Flickr


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Felip... FelipesMom

The problems go far beyond "the pilot was texting"!!! The article (LINK) says that the pilot AND the copilot had lost their "situational awareness" (plain English: they didn't know what the heck was going on), and made several errors!

The pilot didn't realize the landing gear was still up.

The co-pilot knew something was wrong but (possibly due to fatigue) couldn't quite put  his finger on it.

They did not know what their altitude was (they thought they were much higher than they were at one point).

And worst of all imho, they didn't even communicate with each other once they DID realize something was wrong! (The pilot tried again to lower the landing gear, while the co-pilot assumed they would abor tthe landing and head back up into the skies).

Also, the checklist for landing the plane was never completed by either of them, and they failed to initiate the airline's standard procedure for what to do in the exact situation they were in.


mama_... mama_bear77

omg!!!! id be terrified!!! i dont even answer my phone when i drive. i really hate it when people are texting or talking on the phone when driving. you could pull over but in this case they should be fierd for indangerment

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