Kim Kardashian's Cryptic Tweet Was Totally on Purpose

kim kardashian tweetOhhhhh, grrrrrllll. Guess what I just read? A tweet from Kim Kardashian. But not just any old tweet from Kim Kardashian. A tweet from Kim Kardashian that read: "Nobu with no boo." I know, riiiiiggghhht? What does it mean? Was she talking about Kanye West? Was she just attempting a clever play on words? Who is her boo, dagnabbit?! The not knowing -- it's driving me maaaddd!

Psych. (Kind of.) You gotta love celebs and their cryptic tweets. Or anybody and cryptic tweets for that matter! I mean, the reason for a cryptic tweet or a vague Facebook post isn't really for the purpose of being cryptic or vague, right? It's to incite publicity -- or in the case of us non-famous folks, questions and attention.

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We've all seen it before. Hell, it even has a name in some circles: Vaguebooking. It's when someone (perhaps you) will write something just titillating enough to get people wondering/talking/commenting, but that, really, answers no questions whatsoever. It's the perfect PR move for celebrities because it can be construed into anything the media wants to make of it; and it's the perfect move for non-celebrities who just want a little love.

Personally, I don't think Kim's tweet meant s**t. I think it was just a cute play on words and, of course, a way to get some attention. And it worked. Look, I just wrote an entire post on it. An entire post on a four-word tweet! You're good, Kim, you're real good.

Do you know anyone who "vaguebooks"?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Twitter

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Sheila Hawk

she was with nene from real housewives of atlanta

bjtsmom bjtsmom

It doesn't mean they split up...maybe he just didn't go with her.

nonmember avatar Christie

It's pretty simple actually NOBU is a resteraunt and she was there without a "boo" meaning significant other....not much vague about it actually

linzemae linzemae

I have a friend who will post something about I death in the family and when I try to talk to her about it I get "I don't want to talk about it" why blast it on Facebook if you don't want to talk about it!

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