Cell Phone Charging in Plane Bathroom Causes Emergency Landing

cell phoneCell phones and planes are like oil and water. Whether it's Alec Baldwin refusing to turn his iPhone off during take-off because of a game of Words With Friends, or it's a Delta flight making an emergency landing because of a phone charging in the bathroom -- the two just don't go together. On Monday, a flight headed from Istanbul to New York made a last-minute landing in Dublin because -- brace yourself -- a passenger found a cell phone -- with its charger wrapped around it -- in the bathroom. I smell an annoying new TSA rule ...

Apparently, the passenger who reported the incident somehow, someway, thought the phone was a bomb. After the plane landed, Irish police officers came aboard the plane to investigate the "threat." Once they realized it was just a silly ol' phone, the plane was able to continue its journey to New York. Doesn't sound annoying at all.

Now, as totally ridiculous and insane as I find this story to be (how does one mistake a cell for a bomb?), I think everyone needs to chill out with their phones on flights. What's the obsession, people?

I feel like I'm always half-listening to debates on whether or not people should have to turn their phones off while flying. And I've been privy to plenty of folk who have to wait to the very last second to shut their things down. And then there's this guy or gal who had to charge their crap in the airport bathroom. WTF?

Personally, I like the fact that we're instructed to turn off our phones (and that we get no reception) on planes. It's unadulterated me-time. A couple of overly-priced, overly-sugared cocktails, a fist full of Us Weeklies, maybe a cheesy Sandra Bullock movie. Where else is that behavior acceptable? Where else can you behave that way without feeling guilty? Nowhere.

Flying. It's the perfect excuse disconnect for a few hours. And the perfect excuse to act like a lazy, alcoholic sloth.

What do you do on planes to pass the time?

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navyw... navywife0204

I read, crochet, or watch a movie on my portable.

nonmember avatar jjo

I think that in this day and age, it is not unfathomable to find a bomb disguised as a cell phone. Bombs have been made out of shows, underwear, and jewelry on planes- is a cell phone really a stretch, especially bc anyone bringing a bomb on a plane is going to disguise it as a common item. I think that whether or not you believe that cell phones should be operational on a flight, the current rule is no, so in respect for all the other people on a flight who do not want to make emergency landings, we should all abide by that rule.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Reading is horribly underrated.


I think all this flying crap is beginning to be BS! I'm so glad I don't fly. Every time we turn around a plane is turning around for one thing or another. 

orang... orangetree

I really don't feel safer because of paranoid idiots

Mrscj... Mrscjones

How is charging the phone the issue. The issue is some idiot who is hysterical because they listened to every story of terrorism and took that every plane has a terrorist on it thought a phone was a bomb. If your phone isn't working on the plane what better time to charge it. I'm just saying.

nonmember avatar tom

really don't feel safer because of paranoid idiots

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