Tupac Shakur Hologram at Coachella Was Actually a 'Ghost' (VIDEOS)

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tupac shakur rapping onstage at coachellaPeople are still buzzing about the "appearance" of Tupac Shakur at Coachella this past weekend. The long-gone rapper showed up on stage alongside Snoop Dogg, glowing but otherwise looking totally realistic, then vanished in a flash of light. Concert-goers couldn't believe their (quite possibly stoned or high) eyes and were left with chills. No matter how you feel about deceased performers being "resurrected" to perform again, you gotta admit, this Tupac stunt was as memorable as it was disquieting.

Until now, we've chalked Tupac's appearance was just a hologram. But as details about the performance are emerging, we've learned that it was actually something else ...

According to Gizmodo, Tupac was technically not a "hologram" at all. Instead, he was created using a reflection technique called "Pepper's Ghost," named after the mid-19th century optics researcher John Pepper. In other words, yeah, the technique dates all the way back to the 1800s! Whoa. The trick is based on the fact that glass is both transparent and reflective, so, with the right angles, you can bounce a picture off of it that appears to be floating in air. Cool, huh?

Obviously, it wasn't just an old image of Pac that they used to "project" Pac onstage. The rapper was created with CGI by the Hollywood special effects studio Digital Domain, who have previously worked on films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, TRON: Legacy, and X-Men: First Class, reports Rolling Stone. An expensive undertaking? Hell yeah. It cost up to $400K to design!

But wow -- I'm sure the masterminds behind this operation are feeling prettttyy proud of themselves right about now, because they've got the entire country buzzing about the performance. No matter how you feel about Pac being "brought back from the dead" for a Coachella stunt, you have to admire how marrying 19th century and 21st century technology made for an incredible result. 

Here's the NSFW, explicit performance if you missed it ...

And here's more news about it ...

Are you impressed with this technology?


Image via cloudn9necinema/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Jaime

I loved it and was disturbed by it at the same time! Just made me remember that time when Tupac was alive and his great music! However I have read several articles about whether or not it should be done again and my answer is No! It was one of those things that took my breath away, and its done over and over, it will lose what made it amazing in the first place.

nonmember avatar kay

Lawdy...if I had been there I would have blacked out when the performance started but sho nuff woke up bouncin my shoulders and shakin my hips when Gangsta Party came on!!!

Brandt Hardin

This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliance technology can bring to art.  It is through art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performers and minds of our time.  What a tribute this was to a legendary hip hop artist.  You can see some more 2Pac art on my artist’s blog with a surreal illustration I made in memoriam recently at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/in-memoriam-tupac-shakur.html

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