5 Wildly Creative Twitter Tricks

I tend to think of Twitter as a handy place for me to share meaningful thoughts about parenting, like for instance the groundbreaking observation that children sure can be loud, or that Play-Doh is a real pain to dig out of the carpet. You know: the deep, introspective stuff.

While I'm perfectly happy to flounder around in Twitter's shallow zone, a few accounts have really been making the most of that 140-character limit and posting content that's by turns hilarious, creative, and actually useful.

Want to see some downright amazing examples of what Twitter can do? Check out what you can do with these 5 impressive accounts:


Watch a digital flipbook. Go to the Smart Car Argentina Twitter feed, and then hold "J" on your keyboard. Cool, right? The scrolling creates a very cool little digital animation that features an ASCII Smart Car in action. Here's a quick video of the scrolling feed:

Learn to cook. The @cookbook account tweets "tiny recipes serving 3-4" in 140 characters or less. Want to make Skillet Spaghetti? Brwn½c onion&shroom/T garlc&olvoil. Boil+2c can tom/½c tom sauce&h2o/T tompaste&mix herbs/s+p; +10oz drypasta. Simmr~20m.

Check your laundry. The (sadly now-defunct) @laundryroom account was an ingenious way for residents at Olin College to check on the availability of washing machines at their campus laundromat. A tweet automatically went out whenever a washer or dryer became available, updating residents as to the laundry room's status. BRILLIANT.

Get a reminder. Need to remember something? Send @timer a direct message, and the account will DM you back. For example, 'd timer 45 call Mary' reminds you in 45 minutes that you should make that phone call.

Follow the Titanic's journey. For the 100th anniversary of the day the Titanic sank, the ship’s preservation society used Twitter to give the world a glimpse into its final moments. You can scroll through the feed to get a nearly minute-by-minute account of the night, including such sobering posts as: April 15th 3:00AM: Water became quiet; screams from the water stopped.

Have you come across any unique, creative Twitter accounts lately?

Image via Twitter/smartarg

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