A Model Stripping for 'Likes' Isn't Good for Business

stussy facebookYou know what's bound to get people's attention? Nudity! Boobs, butts, and, you know, other stuff will always catch people's eyes. You're still reading, right? So obviously it's a great idea for an ad campaign. In theory at least.

Clothing company Stussy recently launched an ad campaign on Facebook where a model strips for likes. That's right, you "like" Stussy Amsterdam's page, and the beautiful model featured in the advertisement will remove articles of clothing. Kind of like a futuristic strip poker. (Kind of like what Moosejaw Outerwear did a few months ago.) But be forewarned, dirty birds, homegirl is starting off in a lot of clothing.

At the time of writing this, the page has 6,190 likes -- which is definitely a respectable amount. Buuuut, a few things here. One, do people realize that, due to Facebook's terms and conditions, this woman isn't going to get butt-ass naked and frolic about like she's on some porn site? (Facebook won't even allow photos of breastfeeding!) And two, "likes" really aren't an accurate measurement of engagement -- particularly for businesses and public figures, etc. They're more something ... people just haphazardly do. Or, in this case, do 'cause they want to see ta-tas.

Just because people are liking this page, doesn't mean they're going to run out and buy Stussy clothes. In fact, they're liking the page, so they can see less Stussy clothes. It's a good way to get people talking about the brand -- hell, I just wrote an entire post on! -- but I'd be super surprised if Stussy sales skyrocketed because of this ploy. And side bar, as The Next Web noted, Facebook's promotional guidelines state: "You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.” Just sayin'. Great idea, though, guys! All eyes are on you!

What do you think of this ad campaign?

Image via Stussy/Facebook


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

By simply clicking the like button for a page you add into your news feed constant free advertising for each company and product you like. So even if you haphazardly click "like" you are still a part of the target audience that they are generating for free. These gimmicks may seem silly to you but from a advertising perspective it's smart. Things like this get people talking and put their brand front and center, which whether you realize it or not does result in an increased revenue.

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