5 Reasons You Should Never Check Facebook on Vacation

facebook on vacationDude. Duuuuude. I seriously need a vacation. I know, we all do, right? We're over-worked, stressed out, and pasty as all get out from winter. So, let's take one, guys! Come on, let's do it! Where should we go? An island somewhere off the coast of ... wherever? Southeast Asia? Ooh, the Amalfi Coast? Yeessss. Now we're talking. On the count of three, let's buy our tickets. One ... two ... oh, wait, just one rule! Absolutely, positively zero Facebook whatsoever on our trip. Oh, I'm serious. Facebook, and all social media, is the devil when you're trying to get your relax/tan/drink-on somewhere fun. Don't believe me? Here are five reasons you should, my friend.

It's a vacation ... from your life. Isn't the point of vacays to take a break from all the everyday things you do in life? It is! And that doesn't preclude checking and/or updating Facebook. You want to disconnect, let go, not give an eff about what others are doing.

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You really shouldn't advertise to the world that you've left your house completely unattended for a week. Most likely, nothing will happen, but seriously, why chance it? Think of not telling anyone as the social media equivalent to having a light on a timer.

People who update their Facebook when they're somewhere awesome are laaaame. What are you doing on your phone or laptop or iPad? You're in the middle of paradise. Act like it!

Facebook will be much more exciting when you come back. Admit it, you check it a couple times a day -- and nothing really exciting ever happens. If you take a little hiatus from it, think of all the fun stuff you'll discover when you return.

Electronics are such a burden on trips. Just leave them at home. When I travel, I strictly stick to an iPod only rule. (Yes, I bring my phone, but I don't check it -- I swear!) Lugging laptops and tablets and cords and cables is just a pain in the butt. And who wants extra baggage when they're trying to unwind?

Do you check Facebook when you're away?

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smtxc... smtxcowgirl

Some people like to take pictures and send them to their Facebook to share them with family and friends.  

Also, if you have set your privacy settings right, only your friends would be able to see your status updates and pic uploads.  I don't worry about updating my FB status or uploading pics when I'm on vacation or away from my house because only people I know are on my FB.  


the4m... the4mutts

I do it. And I'm not going to stop. So :p

the4m... the4mutts

Ps. People who complain about what others do on FB are lllaaaaammmeerrrr

nonmember avatar Brooke

I bring a laptop on vacation to look up restaurants or directions, but we have a strict no facebook rule and it doesn't ever leave the bedroom. We use an actual radio out by the pool and there is just something about real books and magazines when you're pool or beachside. Phones stay in the room too...we vacation with our whole family, so anyone else can wait until we're in for the evening!

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

I never check in anywhere unless I'm on vacation. So much more interesting to check into a SeƱor Frogs in Myrtle beach then Applebees in my town lmao

beach... beachbaby511

i never got the whole check in thing. if im somewhere other than home iwanna enjoy it and not say "wait i have to check in"    doesnt matter if you just have it on the friends setting. newsflash...hackers know what theyre doing and they can get your info if they want it!

jessi... jessicasmom1

I work online when I am on vacation but I do not take the time to post picutes or anything like that 

Brooke Williams

I trust my facebook friends. Call me crazy!

mamivon2 mamivon2

yes I do.. not always but this is how I keep in touch with my family overseas

Steve Burke Jr.

so true people are so insecure they feel people will care about where they go this telling others your business is just another way of facebook getting you to stay addictited to face when they say that is not there intention that such a lie, you really have to be insecure if you have to tell people on the interenet and facebook where your going what you did and the pictures you have email you have my pcture program on windows you can show your family with out and friends without facebook you must be wanting to make others jeoulous deep down you know thats true

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