Here’s Reason #4,351 to Stop Taking Naughty Pics of Yourself


SextingAs if there aren’t enough factors on the line when it comes to taking naked self-portraits, one more has cropped up in the news. A really vindictive thief at a city bar in eastern Sweden swiped an unsuspecting 21-year-old woman’s cellphone from her back pocket, which is criminal in and of itself. But, upon discovering that she had stored pics of herself in the buff—and didn’t password protect them—the pickpocketing jerk posted the photos to the victim’s own Facebook page

They say when you lose your phone, you lose access to your whole world (OK, “they” don’t say that, but I sure as heck do). But in this case, the whole world got too much access to her. What you won’t do is steal a phone and then expose pictures you had no business seeing to a Facebook page you had no right to be on in the first place.

Even more devastating: there’s no way to track whether the pics have gone viral, which means just because she snatched the nudie shots from her wall and account doesn’t mean some perv didn’t jump on them before she realized what was going on and share them with his friends and then they shared them with their friends and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, the jerk who pulled this stunt is wanted for theft and sexual assault, but remains at large, probably wreaking havoc on another poor woman’s personal life and private pics.

Not to blame the victim, but can this please be a lesson to snap-happy gals out there ready to entice, tease, and tantalize their beaus with naughty shots of themselves? It’s sexy for the time being. Plenty of us have been lured into the sultriness of sexting. But if the phone gets hacked—or, heaven forbid, stolen—all of your parts and pieces are exposed for the whole world to get a gander at. It’s not only humiliating; in some cases, it can be dangerous. All that for an impulsive photo shoot in your birthday suit? You’re better off leaving it to the imagination.

Have you ever lost track of one of your skin flicks?

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amand... amanda_mom89

Sorry about what happened to her but it's not enough to keep me from taking pics for my husband.

I do have an app on my phone that allows me to lock my phone and wipe it's contents should it go missing. It's accesible from any web browser, I just have to login.

As long as my DH appreciates the pics I'll keep em comin. :)

H.Unger H.Unger

um, you can password protect and max out your privacy settings on FB so that it isn't available to the public if you have worries about such things.

No need to stop living because something might happen, just plan ahead and protect yourself online as much as possible.

nonmember avatar Mdw

thattattooedmom-Youre a bitch! Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? God forbid a "mediocre blogger" try to give us advice that will help us! I dont normally read articles that Janelle writes bcus they typically seem like shes just spewing racist bs...but come on. It must suck starting your day as a bitch for no reason.

the4m... the4mutts

I have to agree with the first poster. I'm not going to stop doing it for my SO as long as they like it.

I have my pics password protected on my phone. All pictures. Everything is backed-up online. I can wipe my phone from any location, like she can.

Sure, take steps to keep your identity and lady bits safe, but saying we SHOULDN'T take them at all, is overboard.

I get so tired of people acting like having a naked picture is trashy or something.

Ohmys... Ohmyskittles

My only advice is that once you send the photo to your significant other, delete it from your phone. There isn't a real reason to keep ones you've already sent.

nursemc nursemc

If you're ok with keeping naked pictures of yourself anywhere that anyone else can see them, then you won't get mad when someone sees them. Right? I don't think anyone is implying that sending naked pics is trashy or that you should never do it, but it's a naked pic. Treat it like you don't want people to see it and you won't have a problem. Don't post it online, don't keep it on your phone without a password, don't keep it on your computer without a password and for the love of God don't send them to a man you may break up with. I guess that includes all men. But anyway, if you don't take precautions, this is what happens. You can't be mad that someone took advantage of your stupidity.

the4m... the4mutts

I wouldn't be pissed either way. I have several sexy pictures that I would post on Fb if it was allowed. I'm not ashamed, and would show them to anyone. I also used to be a stripper.

But the author saying reason # whatever to stop taking these pics PERIOD, and acting like its the worst thing in the world to do, is annoying.

And just because you take a picture, doesn't give anyone the right to exploit you.

I personally wouldn't care, but it IS victim blaming to say "if you don't want it seen, don't take it, or guard it like ft. Knox"

Um, this dude stole her phone. She didn't do anything wrong, at all.

Sadie... Sadie0711

i kind of agree with people on here saying they won't stop taking them, but what is the harm in sending them to your bf/husband and then taking them off your phone? or taking them with a digital camera and actually printing them, instead of having them in cyberspace? even if they're password protected, doesn't mean clever hackers can't bypass that. but yeah, at least make sure you're careful about it.

while on the subject of naughty pics on a cellphone, if i had teenage kids, i would be checking their phone almost every night, without them knowing, to make sure they aren't sending or recieving pictures like these. cause like it or not, it's child porn. and it could make them end up a sex offender. so for anyone who's a parent, they really need to keep a close eye on their teenagers' phones and make sure they aren't participating in the sexting trend. i think it's so sad when i hear about teenagers doing this and either getting charged with distributing child porn, or having their naked pictures end up on the internet.

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