Facebook Gives Dying Groom Wedding of His Dreams (VIDEO)

tom cooperI'll be the first to admit that, despite my having a Facebook account, I've made fun of the social media site many times. And in my defense, with good reason! We don't usually get a heck of a lot out of the site, do we? Sure, there are people who post funny, thoughtful, or interesting links on occasion -- and that's cool -- but for the most part, it's a whole lotta "Work, then gym, then dinner with my girls!" and 52-picture albums of trips to Dairy Queen.

But. Once in a while Facebook is used for something good. Actually, scratch that, it's used for something amazing. Like funding the wedding of a terminally-ill groom and his bride-to-be. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Tom Cooper and Tammy Dale always knew they wanted their wedding to be a massive celebration. But when Tom's health took a turn for the worse, both he and Tammy were forced to quit their jobs in order to concentrate on more important things. In other words, money was tight, and they soon realized that their dream wedding was looking more like a pipe dream. So they took things to YouTube and Facebook.

The couple made an extremely moving YouTube video on their situation, and, additionally, created a Facebook page, asking for help in funding their wedding. The response was nothing short of amazing. Between friends, family, local businesses, and even strangers, Tom and Tammy raised $30,000 in just four weeks, and received a free wedding venue, limos, suits, photography, flowers, gifts, and a cake.

Not bad, Zuckerberg, not bad at all.

May this gorgeous couple, who has two children together, enjoy many, many years of happiness together. And may I never forget that, sometimes, Facebook really is an amazing thing.

Check out Tammy and Tom's video:

How unbelievable is this?

Image via ladyxkx/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Ashley

This made me tear up! They're really are some kind, generous people in the world.. Best wishes to the family

Lydia Chen

This was so beautiful & SO SAD....I pray & wish for the Best OF GOOD TIMES for This Family..

You will Be In my prayers from today on....God Bless You...We have to Enjoy Everyday....

Thank -You Facebook.....

nonmember avatar Anne

This is touching. That said I am an oncology nurse and see many tough things every day. Have had patients in similar situations who did get married and have lovely weddings in and out of hospital. However, they didn't need 30K to have a beautiful, loving ceremony and union.

jessi... jessicasmom1

it is sad but none of us know what life is bringing ahead, I was a very young widowed wife with a 14 month old when my DH passed ... things happen . No way do they need 30 K for a wedding

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