Flying Car Is Totally Worth the $279,000 Price Tag (VIDEO)

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Flying Car 2012 New York International Auto Show

Ever since you were little, didn't you DREAM of the days cars would fly? Of course you did. Well, in true Jetsons form the flying car has arrived. The 2012 New York International Auto Show kicked off this weekend, and among all the high revvin' sports cars and fancy eco-friendly models -- there lies the future. Meet the 2013 Terrafugia Transition car. Or should I say plane? Holy wowzers! It flies!

Yup, almost 100 people have already coughed up the $10,000 deposit for the two-seater that will fly at about 100 mph, and drive up to 80. Clearly, it's not gonna get you anywhere faster than say, a commercial airliner. But who gives a crap!? YOU WOULD OWN A FLYING CAR.

Of course, the model costs a pretty penny. Well, a lot of pennies. $279,000 to be exact. What do you think, is it worth it?

Check out the car unfold its wings, here:

I mean, it's cool right? I guess, aesthetically speaking, it isn't the hottest looking ride on the market. But again, this thing FLIES. I am a little concerned about the visibility when the car's in drive mode. How do you check your side mirrors with those big wings in the way?

Nevertheless, will people buy it? Sure, it's another massively unnecessary expensive piece of machinery that says "I'm cooler than you," so of course. Will they be all over the roads? Yeah, I'm gonna go with a big N-O on that one.

With that said, if you are looking to buy one of these beauts there is one other eensy thing to note: You're gonna need a pilot's license. Once you've got that (and the almost $300K) you're all set!

What do you think about the flying car?

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jknoe... jknoel158

We knew this would eventually happen. I think it's cool, but there's no way I could afford one. :)

forev... foreverabuff

Think about how expensive computers used to be just a few years ago. Once the technology comes out and works, then they can focus on making the product more cost effective. It'll be down the the low $100,000 within 5 years I bet. I seriously hope within 20 years, this is normal transportation. We're on our way!

Craft... CraftyJenna

THat's true, foreverabuff, CD players started out around $300, now you can get one for $20. Once something is around for awhile they start making it affordable ofr everyone. Maybe our grandchildren will be taking driver's ed in the sky...that's actually a really scary thought teens are dangerous enough on the ground. :)

the4m... the4mutts

I want to know how eco-friendly these things are. I don't know diddly squat about how flying things work, but I can't imagine that they would be very good on gas, or efficient with electricity consumption

Rifraf Rifraf

Could easily be as fast or faster than taking a commercial airline for shorter flights. From my old place down to LA would take about 3hrs in this thing or I could drive an hour to SFO, spend at least 40 mins checking in and going through security then take the 1hr20 flight (if it stays to schedule) plus time to pick up bags. All in all I'd prefer flying straight there myself.

IBNea... IBNeaters

My son keeps asking me when they're going to make cars fly, now I can show him this video and let him know it's here!!!  And by the time he's ready to drive-in about 10yrs--it might just be possible for the average driver to have.  We'll see!

nonmember avatar Lord K

Heck, even if it's flying top speed is only 100MPH, it's still wayfaster than driving on the ground. By flying, you avoid slow ass drivers, congestion, cops checking for speeders, cut across terrain, etc., so it means you can actually sustain speeds of 100MPH. And not peek at 80MPH, then have to slow down because Elmer wants to drive 45 MPH in a 70MPH zone and its only one lane.

micke... mickeyagain

Okay, cool idea in theory, but here's my issues with it:

- You need to log a LOT of hours to get your pilot's license.  FAA requires 40 hours bare minimum, but it probably takes a lot more to be able to pass the exam.  Think of how many hours you logged in practicing driving before you got the hang of regular driving.  And if you don't pass the exam, you have a very expensive and weird looking car.

- What kind of zoning would be required for air traffic control?  You can't just get frustrated in a traffic jam and take off soaring through busy city streets.  You would need permission to enter air space from the local air traffic control.  I'm guessing that you would have to drive out to designated runways before takeoff and landing.

-Finally, how much time is that really going to save you?  Once you're in a traffic jam, there's not going to be enough clear roadway for a takeoff, even if you could.  Plus, has anyone ever been in a holding pattern in a busy airport before?  If you have, you know you can spend half an hour or more in the air waiting, not to mention all the time on the ground cueing up for takeoffs and landings.  It might be faster if you're going on a long trip, but for a daily commute it would be more time-consuming than just driving.

In all, cool idea but not worth the money IMHO.

James Harris

Seriously?! A flying car? How did they come up with this idea? And how did they build this? But a car that flies is really cool. You just have to get some good window visors for this car because when it files you are nearer to the sun. I want to see one and ride on one. Todays technology is really awesome!

nonmember avatar David

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