5 Websites Sure to Bring Out Your Inner Bridezilla


bride on a laptopSomeecards.com might be full of snarky e-cards that are more for snickering than for sending, but they sure do hit the nail on the zeitgeist. For instance, this week, they released a card that reads, "I'm really looking forward to the non-existent wedding you're planning on Pinterest." Hilarious, because it is true! The site is filled with single ladies pinning gowns, rings, and other wedding porn galore.

While someecards' gag is all in good fun, let's not blame these women for latching on to a growing trend. Instead, we should point the finger at websites that are built to bring out every single, engaged, or long-ago wed woman's inner bridezilla!

  1. Pinterest - The new kid on the block, this virtual vision board site is sweeping the nation and making ladies everywhere obsessed with all things wedding. In single women's defense, you cannot go on the site and not get sucked in to the madness. Even if you just try to concentrate on pinning Snickers brownies and funny quotes, sooner or later, you're looking at engagement rings or centerpieces and freaking out that someone is going to steal your colors! Gah!
  2. Facebook - Classically geared toward the younger set looking to hook up, over time, the social network becomes a battle ground for brides to duke it out with their best profile pics. If you weren't feeling competitive about your Big Day, just spend a few minutes clicking around in your News Feed and you will be!
  3. Weddingbee.com - Okay, so not sure if this acclaimed, simple, and sweet bride blog/community site really brings out women's inner psycho bride, but it does motivate you to do really ambitious DIY projects or get uber-creative with your engagement photos. So, in other words, it's a one-stop shop inspiration for becoming a Martha Stewart bride. (Still sounds a bit intimidating, but in a totally different way!)
  4. TheKnot.com - The be all and end all community/online magazine site for past, present, and future brides. It's also like a black hole of information that will have you clicking from one thing to the next -- planners, checklists, avatar builders. Before you know it, your inner control freak bride has been unleashed, and there's no turning back!
  5. Etsy.com - Once strictly for the hipster bride, the online marketplace where artisans sell their chic wares is now on every bride's mind as the site to spot the ultimate, unique favors or bridesmaids' gifts or handmade invitations. Again, even if you're not planning a wedding, Etsy will make you wish you were.

Is there another site out there that has brought out your inner bridezilla?

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nonmember avatar Shannon

Oh my god, The Knot drove me absolutely insane when I got married. They try to tell you that you need every possible option for your wedding or your guests will hate it. Luckily none of these other websites were around.

nonmember avatar emma

At least my pinterest wedding board is actually called 'non-existant wedding.'

Tammy Winston Kowalczyk

Check out Emmalinebride. Its an all handmade wedding venue and I love it

cocob... cocobeannns

I have a knot account, but I rarely use it. Pinterest is a much better outlet IMO.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I didn't do any of these sites when getting married. All that mattered at the end of the day was that I married the man of my dreams. Nothing else matters. And I have to say; everyone says how super fun our wedding was;)

Amy Lynn Chase

If you love Etsy you will like the Hipster Bride http://thehipsterbride.com

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