10 Funny Fake Facebook Status Updates to Post on April Fools' Day

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If you want to pull off a good April Fools' Day prank that requires little to no effort, then posting a fake Facebook status update is definitely the way to go. I mean -- is there really anything easier than typing in a sentence on your keyboard or smartphone? Nope.

In addition to the zero difficulty factor, doing a prank on Facebook is also an easy way to fool a bunch of your friends instead of playing a joke on just one specific person.

It can be a bit tough to come up with something that is creative, but also believable, so here is a list of 10 fake status update ideas that might be clever enough to fool your Facebook peeps.


1. "Hmm. I sure hope that I can find the bin containing my old maternity clothes in the basement." -- (The old "I'm pregnant" update has been done before, but most people will probably at least consider it as true because they won't expect you to post something so obvious as an April Fools' joke.)

2. "Yes, it's true. We're packing up and moving back to (insert previous state name here). We'll miss everyone so much!"

3. "The cat's out of the bag -- I was one of the Mega Millions jackpot winners. And no, I'm not sharing."

4. "OMG. I can't believe I'm getting my own reality show."

5. "Sorry peeps, but I've had it with Facebook. I'm shutting my account off for good at the end of the day."

6. "Squee! (XYZ celebrity) just followed me on Twitter!"

7. "If anyone wants to use the beach house we rented in Bermuda for two weeks this summer, let me know. The hubby can't take that much time off from work, so we have to cancel. No charge -- we just need someone to take it off our hands."

8. "I knew all that hard work at the gym would pay off -- my size 2 jeans fit again!" -- (Be prepared to gain some haters with that one.)

9. "Ahhh! Did anyone else get the email about them canceling school next week?"

10. And if you want to go a step further than simply posting a Facebook status update, change your relationship status on your profile instead. People will freak.

Have you thought about playing a social media prank for April Fools' Day?


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