Elephant Playing With Smartphone Will Steal Your Heart (VIDEO)

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elephant playing with phoneHi there! How's it going? Bored at work? Bored at home? Bored anywhere? Well, I have something for you. It's a video of an elephant playing with a smartphone!

Yes, I said "an elephant playing with a smart phone," silly. I'm not some sort of crazy person who just makes stuff up. This video is guaranteed to capture your heart, as it's completely and totally adorable, and unlike anything you've ever seen before. The big guy seems to be having so much fun being high-tech for a day. He flaps his ears back and forth with glee while he plays on a Samsung Galaxy Note. He flips through photos; takes photos; plays a guitar game; he even draws! Prepare to fall in love, dear bored (or not bored) person. This gadget-loving elephant is the business.


Can't say this necessarily makes me want to run out and buy a Galaxy Note, but it does really make me miss my shih-tzu who's at home right now while I'm in the office. Regardless, though, it's a really cute commercial and it definitely caught my attention. So, well-done, Samsung, well-done. You've actually given Apple a run for their (advertising) money.

Okay, I have to watch this again. Bye!

Does this video make you want to buy this phone, or are you just thinking about how cute the elephant is?

Image via technivator/YouTube

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Cafe_... Cafe_Christine

That elephant is smart than me with a smartphone!  Cool looking phone though!

nonmember avatar ericia

That is sooo cute i just bought the galaxy s ii cant buy the note bummer

momto... momtolittleg

I love how she shows him how to swipe for the pics, and strum the guitar, and he picks it right up!  Incredible!

Mimi Dixon

it makes me want to buy an elephant!!!! he is so smart!! he even waved with his trunk!..lololol

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