Warning: You'll Get Hooked on 'Angry Birds Space' (VIDEO)

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Angry Birds Space

I love Angry Birds just like every other iPhone/smartphone user. Hell, the game is super fun, SUPER addicting, and it was one helluva way to kill LOADS of time (and battery power) during my old commute to work.

So naturally, you can imagine my excitement now that there's some new blood on the scene. Yup, meet Angry Birds Space, the newest installment of touch and drag fun from Rovio complete with feathery creatures and pigs galore. The best part? NOW they're in space!

I'll refrain from asking how these cute little birdies breathe in an atmosphere with no oxygen. With 60 levels of challenging fun, who cares about the specifics anyway! The big question: Where can we get it?!

For iPhone and iPad users, you can get the game on your device's App Store. Same goes for the Chrome version, playable on MacBooks and other Mac computers. For you PC users (there still ARE PC users, right?!), you can download the new installment of Birds on the parent company's website, here.

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Warning though, the game on the Rovio website DOES cost $5.95. That's only $10 less than a super red bird plush toy. Perhaps that's all the better reason to invest in an iPhone, where the game will only put you back $0.99. Either way, I say splurge and live a little. The birds are worth it.

Watch a preview of all the fun that's waiting for you on Angry Birds Space, here:

Are you an Angry Birds fan? 


Image via RovioMobile/YouTube

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happy... happymama0609

I downloaded it yesterday..it is awesome!! I have a droid razor and it was free. Maybe that is just a special for droids?

Raney Raney

I live here in Montana, and the other day there was an article in the paper about a man who got stranded on some Forest Service road in the woods. He said he owed his survival to Angry Birds because it distracted him enough to get him through the 3 days until someone happened upon him. I have personally never played it, though.

Torto... Tortoise77

I love angry birds!!! my DH has an android phone! I can not wait till he gets home so I can download it! : P

suziejax suziejax

I have never actually played it! But my dd loves it

MrsNe... MrsNewman

I paid 2.99 for the download on my kindle! It was well worth it. Our 6 yr old loves this game! My husband got a free download on his iphone. I think it was just an upgrade for him. 

mamivon2 mamivon2

I have it on my phone to play for the kids but no Im not addicted

jagam... jagamama0710

Invest in an iphone just so you can pay $4 less for an angry bird game? LOL That's ridiculous. I'll stick to my droid. 

I used to love angry birds but I got bored with it. I just got Cut The Rope so that's my game of choice right now. It's super fun! 

Chari... Charizma77

MY husband and kids love this game, I havent played it...go figure!

MsLad... MsLadyBlue

i love angry birds i hi jacked my son's ipod and didn't give it back for a while to play lol

jessi... jessicasmom1

we like angry birds on DD's tablet

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