Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Deserved Facebook 'Sarcasm Bombing' for Crazy Abortion Bill

Governor Sam BrownbackPoliticians on Facebook might want to be more careful about what they endorse ... or else have to contend with a new trend that is spreading faster than planking! For example, take Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. The guy has promised to sign a 69-page bill (which, FYI, he has yet to read) that would levy a sales tax on women seeking abortions, including rape victims. It could also allow doctors to withhold from patients medical information that might encourage them to seek an abortion and prohibit malpractice suits if the woman or the child suffers a health complication as a result of information being withheld. INSANE!

Thankfully, Brownback is on Facebook, and thus, his Timeline is the perfect place for people who agree this bill is insane to raise their voices. And they did so recently by "sarcasm bombing" the governor. Never heard it? Well, let me be the first to introduce you to the amazing new phenomenon.


Basically, the barrage of comments all treated Brownback as if he were an expert on women's health issues. A couple of gems, if you will ...

  • “Hi Sam- I had sex with my wife and she didn’t get pregnant. I’m here to turn her in.”
  • “Hey Governor Brownback, I was considering going on birth control because I’m fed up with being a teacher who has acne. Which one would you recommend for this?”

These have since been deleted by Brownback (or more likely, one of his lackeys). And it's hard to say whether or not the campaign was organized or started by a couple of people, then caught on. Either way, it's completely awesome! Especially because this guy has already dug himself a grave for how he has handled social media  And a huge "In-your-face" to politicians who are supposed to be serving their state/local/national government for their constituents.

It's a wake-up call to these politicians that these constituents of theirs are online and often use social media to voice their opinions on the issues of the day. If Brownback and other politicians feel it is important to put themselves out there by having a Facebook page or Twitter account, then they should be prepared to address pushback from their voters on a variety of topics. By instead trying to shut down an 18-year-old's critical tweets or deleting constituents' concerned comments as if they were bad spam, Brownback's flying in the face of everything Americans should value about freedom of speech, living in a democracy, and being able to speak up using social media.

Do you think Gov. Brownback's a coward for ignoring his constituents' "sarcasm bombing"?


Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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