10 Facebook Photo Album Faux Pas That Will Get You Unfriended

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Facebook photosThey say a photo's worth a thousand words. So what is a Facebook photo album worth? Well, if it's a particularly annoying one, just one: unfriend!

I swear, the more time we spend catching up with friends on the world's leading social media site, the more we realize our friends are really kind of annoying. And the photo faux pas on Facebook are a major part of the problem. Here's our advice, if you don't want to lose your friends IRL (that's in real life people), avoid any of the following: 

Posting One Photo at a Time: Now our feed is just a long list of your photo after your photo after your photo after ... I know, you want us to see EVERYTHING. But if we wanted to see it all, we would click on your album and do so. Instead, you're forcing us to block you just so we can get our feed back to normal! In other words: we're not seeing anything.

Embarrassing Way Back When Albums: If you want to show your bad '80s perm, that's fine and dandy. But it would be nice if you bothered to ask the rest of us if we really wanted the world to be reminded of our acid-washed denim collection first.

Uploading an Entire Memory Card: Let me introduce you to a little word the rest of us like to use: editing! It's really not hard to remove that accidental photo of your bathroom ceiling, or the one of the back of your buddy's head, or that random shot of ... wait, what the heck is that?

The Mystery Album: Speaking of "what the heck is it," every once in awhile, you run across an album of, well, you don't know what exactly. There are pictures of something. A lot of them. But there's no explanation. And it will drive you friggin nuts trying to figure it out. People, this is what your personal computer is for -- saving those photo of ... something that you just had to take.

The Bathroom Album: One shot after another of yourself in the bathroom mirror makes us say "self-involved" much, followed by "geez, can't you even take the dirty towel/old bra off the towel bar before you take the shot?"

The Same Photo Over and Over and ...: We get it, you really, really love the new dress you got. But one photo would do, or maybe two so we get back and front. We did not need you to beat it over our heads with 57 of the same. exact. thing.

The Potty Training Process: Yes, I'm a parent who posts photos of my kid so my in-laws can see them. No, I do not want to see what came out of your kid's ass today, the new potty you bought him, or how "cute" that gigundo pile of TP was after they first learned to wipe. This is one stage that should not be Facebooked. Period.

Your 'What I'm Eating' Album: I am glad you're on a healthy diet of rolled oats in the a.m., spinach salad at lunch, and lean chicken breast at dinnertime. But I don't actually need photographic evidence. If you're that hung up on your eats, write a food blog.

The Duckface Album: One was bad enough. But 33?

The Trying to Get Complimented Album: Usually accompanied by any of the following captions: "I am so fat." "FML." "Look what motherhood has done to me." "My husband hates this dress, but I love it!"

Admit it, which of these have you done? And what album issues on Facebook drive you insane?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I post pics of almost everything. It started while we lived overseas and was for friends and family we hadn't seen in 2 yrs, then when we made it back stateside, it is just a habit I can't break.

I hate the bathroom pics, especially when they take a pic of the mirror and the mirror is dirty and you can see like toothpaste splatters (I hope its toothpaste and not zits or something, gross)

Boobo... Boobookittt74

What is a "duckface" album?? I don't get it

witch... witchkiss

I can honestly say I've never done any of these.

purpl... purple_creeper

Duck face like when you do kissy kissy face xD To make you look less cheeky :P

aneela aneela

havent done any of those...i have posted maybe up to 4 single pix tho...but not more than that...and rarely...i usually only upload one or two max...when i upload

lalas... lalasmama2007

I haven't done any of them, but I see way too many what I'm eating or what I made for dinner photos.

PonyC... PonyChaser

BoobooKitty... THIS is Duckface. If you've got a while and need a good laugh (of the "omg, I cannot believe people do that!" variety), that's the site to visit! Enjoy.

I do have a "random" album, but it's labeled that way and every pic has a caption explaining what and why. Sometimes where and when, too.

I hate when people have hundreds or thousands of pics of... themselves!! Unbelievably narcissistic. I get that you want a couple different pics of yourself so you can switch up your profile and banner pics, but really? Hundreds of pics of you? While driving your car (!), while sitting in a restaurant, while loafing on the couch... we get it. You love your smile. Knock it off.

momka... momkaribg

I have never done any of these

LOswa... LOswald0314

None of them!  I post a lot of pics but my FB is mostly made up of family, so it's for them and also a way to store my photos.

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