Your Pinterest Addiction Could End Up Wrecking Your Big Day

wedding Pinterest board
A peek at my wedding Pinterest board
If you're already a Pinterest junkie, I don't have to tell you that besides being filled with food porn galore, the site is busting at the seams with wedding porn! Yes, my few friends who have yet to be introduced to the time-suck that is Pinterest, if you ever wanted to spend hours envisioning your Perfect Day, Pinterest is THE destination for you. You can search for hours, for anything -- from a color-coordinated dessert table to the wedding dress of your dreams. Then pin it to your pinboard, so everyone in the Pinterest community (like Twitter, your pins are automatically public unless you choose to make them private) knows what kind of bride you're going to be and what kind of wedding you're wishing for.

Even though I'm a "right off the engagement boat" bride-to-be, I actually started my dream wedding pinboard months ago. But now, it's real. Now, I mean business.


And I didn't realize it 'til recently, but actually planning the real deal changes everything.
The first moment I realized this was right after I pinned a photo of a dessert table in the shade of blue I've been fantasizing about using throughout the event. No less than five minutes later, I get an email notification that my one pin has been repinned eight ... nine ... ten times?!! Whaaaaat? A few days later, the same thing happened with a couple of other pins, including a pic of my engagement ring I uploaded to show my friends ...

Okay, there is one thing to take into consideration here. Lots of people are just now getting going on Pinterest, so maybe when a pin first goes live and lots of Pinners are on the site, it just so happens that if it's a good pin, it's going to get re-pinned. Ooooor it could mean other brides really love MY wedding ideas!

Honestly, I'm all at once flattered and terrified. The former because heck, who doesn't like seeing their tasteful picks re-pinned? It's a major compliment! The latter because, well, hello -- most brides want to be different, want to feel as though they're going to pull off something that no one else has ever seen or done. No woman wants a cookie cutter wedding! Or to hear from their wedding party, "Oh, I've seen bridesmaids dresses/centerpieces/a venue JUST LIKE THIS!" That would be a total bummer. But now ... thanks (or no thanks) to Pinterest and this crazy public display of wedding ideas, your unique vision is fair game for any bride!

In all honesty, I'm not that possessive, and I realize this isn't a real problem. If a bride in Texas and a bride in Massachusetts end up using sparklers or wearing an off-the-shoulder dress like I want to, that's awesome! But I will say, from now on, I will definitely be keeping certain ideas to myself. As tempting as it is to pin away, not every inspiration I have for our wedding is fodder to be shared or followed. A bride's gotta have some tricks up her sleeve for her Big Day after all, right?

What do you think of the crazy "bridal culture" on Pinterest -- fun or freaky?

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