Michael Moore's Tweet Is as Sexist as Rush Limbaugh's 'Slut' Rant

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michael mooreOne of the most disturbing consequences of Rush Limbaugh's sexist assault on activist Sandra Fluke (as well as the millions of women who use birth control) is how much misogyny is now flying unchecked around on the Internet -- and it's not just coming from the right. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore got in on the disgusting "slut" and "prostitute" chatter this weekend when he tweeted the following:

Rush – As soon as u started losing the big $$ from your hate speech, you caved & obeyed the men who pay u. Who’s the prostitute now, bitch?

Unfortunately, Moore is about to learn the hard way that when you try to fight sexism with a whole lot more sexism, your message gets a little lost.

Is it possible to be critical of Moore without defending Limbaugh? Good, because that's what I'm going to attempt to do. Limbaugh's statements against women were cruel and vile; hopefully even more advertisers will drop him, and he'll be finished for good. But slamming prostitutes for having to "obey men" the way Moore does in his tweet is just as sexist as Limbaugh's slut comment. Looks like he was trying a little too hard to be witty and failed.

And that's not Moore's worst offense. He also insults Limbaugh by calling him a "bitch" -- but that term is typically reserved for females unless you are mocking a male for being like a female. EWWWWW! I do not share a gender with that vile radio host, and shame on Moore for even joking about it.

I've got to believe that Moore intended to come out on the side of women, but unfortunately he ended up putting more hate and hostility toward them out there on the Internet -- which is how we got into this mess in the first place. Maybe we can't agree about whether birth control should be covered by insurance, but can we decide together to put a stop to all the sexist talk running wild?

Do you think Michael Moore's tweet was offensive to women?


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Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

You guys must not have many topics to blog about. SAD.

Todd Vrancic

Michael Moore is not helping anyone's case.

Loref... Lorefield

Um. No. 

There is a huge difference between calling an innocent student, standing up for women's rights a slut, and calling an actual slut....a slut.

Was Moore off base? Hell yea. But your argument lost me when you decided to be outraged about prostitutes being looked at like prostitutes.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Actually, I think it's hilarious and an appropriate response. It puts things into perspective!!

NBean311 NBean311

No. I think that he and Limbaugh should both quit digging their holes deeper, however... I don't identify the word bitch with females, even if that is its intended use. Your article lost me the second you suggested bitch was a gender.

jessi... jessicasmom1

not helping anyone Michael , it is better left unsaid ......... and let people think before they speak

MamaM... MamaMandee

Duct tape please! @@ 

Jure Goranic

Sadly, the author is getting lost in her own over-inflated political correctness, and in doing so, constructed a poorly designed attack on Moore's <140 character comment.
By declaring that Moore was sexist by "slamming prostitutes for having to obey men" the author herself is presuming ALL prostitutes are female and not male or transgender. Given that is absolutely untrue, how is the statement sexist? Unless her argument was that it was sexist of Moore to declare all pimps as being male and thus female pimps and madames were unfairly insulted...but something tells me that wasn't her point.
A different, more valid, argument would have been that Moore was sexist by presuming all of Limbaugh's financial backers were 'men'....But regardless, the author is picking apart language in a pathetic attempt to try and spin and misrepresent the sentiment behind Moore's statement. Weak.
To quote her directly, "Looks like [s]he was trying a little too hard to be witty and failed."

nonmember avatar Mia

Stick to your shoes, Kim.

Stacey. Stacey.


How is this sexist? because Moore said Limbaugh obeys his "men"? Are you saying it's unfair to say that all pimps are men when there are clearly madames out there, or that all of Limbaughs "bosses" are men when some may be women? Either way, you've got nothing.

Also, calling someone a bitch, the way Moore did, means Limbaugh is a do-boy, as in he does what he is told, it's not that he acta "girly". Bitch has many different meanings, just like fuck.

I def. do not think Moore was trying to get points w/ women, I think he was trying to prove a point that Rush doing what his backers expect him to do and thus get paid, is similar to being a prostitute who gets paid to perform acts the pimp decides on. Its got nothing to do w/ men vs. women.

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