Angelina Jolie’s Leg Isn’t the Weirdest Celebrity Body Part on Twitter

angelina jolieAngelina Jolie's right leg has been hogging up all of the spotlight lately. Especially the Twitter spotlight. Shortly after her bizarre display at the Oscars, the account @AngiesRightLeg was formed, and boom, cut to days later, it's got almost 43,000 followers. No fair.

Now, when I say "no fair," I'm not talking about the thousands of Twitter users who would kill to have that many followers, I'm talking about the other celebrity body parts who have Twitter accounts, also. Some of these appendages have really important things to say. Why is @AngiesRightLeg getting all the attention? I smell a scandal. Not really.

But here are 5 celebrity body parts with Twitter accounts. Listen up, dudes. You're going to want to hear what these parts of celebrities have to say.


@PippasAss. The O.G. celebrity body part. Shortly after the royal wedding, the shapely buttocks of Pippa Middleton decided to open up a Twitter account. And it was amazing. For a minute. Currently, the account hasn't been updated since December 12.

Current Followers: 3,313

Best Tweet: "Hey ... Pippas Ass is in US weekly. Should be called Ass Weekly."

@JLosNipple. After a possible nip slip at the Academy Awards, Jennifer Lopez's nipple decided to open up a Twitter account just to get it all out there.

Current Followers: 5,761

Best Tweet: "Fact: Every person has two nipples...except for those fortunate enough to have three."

@CoopersMustache. Another account that came from Sunday's Oscars, this Twitter is dedicated to the mustache of Bradley Cooper. It doesn't have as many followers as the ladies, but hey, it isn't a real body part.

Current Followers: 541

Best Tweet: "give @AngiesRightLeg some slack, You try typing with a knee."

@RihannasLegs. Angie isn't the only person whose legs have a Twitter account, pop star Rihanna has one, too -- and this one's for both of her legs.

Current Followers: 388

Best Tweet: "Hey you guys. What's up?" (It's not a very funny Twitter.)

@KimsAss. Obviously Kim Kardashian's ass has a Twitter account. And obviously it has almost 8,000 followers.

Current Followers: 7,758

Best Tweet: "I JUST WANT TO BREATHE." (Again, not the funniest of Twitter accounts, and there are only five Tweets.)

So, there you have it, people. Celebrity body parts with Twitter accounts besides Angelina Jolie's right leg. Welcome to America, 2012, friends. I hope it's everything you dreamed it'd be.

Are you following any of these insane-o Twitter?


Image via AngiesRightLeg/Twitter

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