Slingshot Accessory Makes Angry Birds 10 Times More Fun (VIDEO)

Angry Birds slingshotI don't know if there's ever been a game that's more addictive than Angry Birds. Legit, I couldn't STOP playing it until I beat the whole darn thing a month or two ago. It didn't help that everywhere I went I was reminded of the game just waiting to be played on my phone. The little birdies are everywhere! They have Angry Birds pillows, Angry Birds T-shirts, hell -- my boyfriend's younger brother even has an obnoxious looking Angry Birds winter hat he won't take off.

Welp, Angry Birds fans rejoice! It looks like everyone's fave game may be getting, welp, even more addictive. Enter the Slingshot. Yup, a few techy types got together and made a microcontroller that looks like a slingshot that enables players to send those oh-so-adorable little birdies flying across your screen with a simple pull and release. Ahhhh, I feel a flashback to my childhood coming along. Super cool, right?

See the Angry Birds slingshot in action, here:


So dramatic. So techy. So ridiculously freakin' awesome.

Apparently, this slingshot controller is ONLY functional when you're playing Birds on your computer. That -- and this cool little techcessory isn't available for purchase (yet). However, there are instructions online on how to make your own. Something tells me that if you got down and dirty with your DIY self, you could be the best momma a gaming child could ever ask for. OR, you yourself could just have a whollleeeeee lot of Angry Birdtastic fun.

What do you think of the Angry Birds slingshot?


Image via mbedmicro/YouTube

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