The Pope's Twitter Name Is Sacrilegious

pope's twitterWith Lent underway, Pope Benedict XVI is back. On Twitter. Well, his people are. And they're getting ready to spread his message of Lenten cheer through his new account with his new handle, @Pope2YouVatican. Yes, that's apparently the best Twitter name they could come up with.

The account isn't going to be managed by His Holiness himself, but it's where his peeps should go to receive up-to-the-minute Pope/Catholic holiday goings on from the 2012 Lenten message, speeches, and documents.

Again, though, @Pope2YouVatican? Seriously?


I'm not alone in finding this name ... strange, to say the least. The Internet is currently ablaze with musings and confusion as to why this is. As John Stewart said on The Daily Show, "@Pope2YouVatican? The Pope can't get a straight-up Twitter handle? The Pope?! That is weak, Twitter. That is Tweak." It is tweak. Albeit boring, his old handle, @Vatican_News, was much less confusing/immature-sounding. (At least spell out the word "to".)

Name aside, though, I'm a firm believer in the fact that, honestly, the Pope does not need a Twitter account. In fact, I think it's kind of weird that he has one. I know we're living in a digital age and everything, but I dunno, he's the Pope. He can be exempt from all things social media.

Also, are the Pope's fans even on Twitter? I don't really peg his devoutest of followers as social media mavens. We've had Popes -- and Pope followers -- for thousands of years. They weren't all on Twitter, and everything was fine. If it ain't broke, know what I'm sayin'?

He is on Twitter, though. And he's going to be Tweeting. So I better just get used to it. One thing I won't get used to, however, is his really odd Twitter name.

Do you like the Pope's Twitter name?


Image via @Pope2YouVatican

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