Fiery Daytona 500 Crash Photos Light Up Twitter at Lightning Speed

brad keselowski twitterNASCAR fans were able to get a really up-close and personal look at yesterday's crash at the Daytona 500 after Brad Keselowski took matters to Twitter. Race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a safety vehicle mid-race, causing a huge fire. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, and luckily (I guess) for fans, Keselowski had his phone with him.

He began snapping photos of the fire from his POV, and posted them to Twitter, along with messages like, "First tweet from a car on the track in Daytona 500 history?" Pretty cool -- and it boosted his count from 65,000 followers to 100,000 in a little over an hour. But, does anyone else think it's a little strange that Keselowski had his phone on him during the race?


It had to have been a conscious decision to bring it, right? I mean, he obviously changed before the race. Clearly, he wanted his phone on him while he was driving. I don't know, to me, that's a little odd. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he brought his phone -- it's pretty unbelievable what he did. But still, a tad weird. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though.

People tweet from all sorts of odd places lately. Some do it to break records, some do it to gain followers, some just do it to do it. In fact, just a few days ago, the world's first live-tweeted open heart surgery was completed. Bonkers, but, again ... pretty cool.

On one hand, it's kind of a strange thing, watching everybody's lives narrated step-by-step; but on the other, we really get to see some interesting stuff. Like open heart surgery and NASCAR explosions.

Do you think it was strange that Keselowski had his phone with him during the race? What's the weirdest thing you've ever tweeted?

Image via Brad Keselowski/Twitter

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