It's True -- Only 'Losers' Play Video Games

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kinect workoutWe've all fallen victim to technology that's moved so fast our favorite new toy has seemed to become obsolete in just a few weeks. It's times like these that we could all use a little good news. The faster technology moves, the more stereotypes are busted into smithereens. Even calling someone a gamer these days doesn't have to conjure the typical image of the couch potato with a Cheetos gut and adult acne.

Thanks to the advent of the workout video game, tell someone you just bought a Wii or an Xbox with Kinect, and they're just as likely to think "uncoordinated chick who feels awkward getting her Zumba on in front of a whole class but still wants to take off the pounds" as they are to think "loser dude who still lives in his mom's basement at 33." That, my friends, is progress. And I know about progress.

I married a dude I met on the Internet. In 1996. Yes, that was the dark ages of Internet dating, when the only people going online to find a mate were trolls and circus freaks. Or that's how it felt anyway. It wasn't until everyone and their divorced mother had fessed up to meeting a guy on JDate or that I finally felt able to tell people where I'd found my hubby without my cheeks turning the color of my favorite Campbell's soup. Changing technology made finding a mate on the Internet cool. I finally felt like technology had caught up with me.

And as I busted my butt to the new Zumba Fitness Rush* in the middle of my living room this week, I had the same feeling. I am that klutz who blushes furiously when she's forced to move to the front of my Zumba class because all the other oafs are hiding in the back. With a husband who is as dedicated to his Xbox as he is his computer (I did mention I met him online), popping a game into the console and getting my sweat on at home garners no judgment. I'm not a loser unless you count the pounds I'm very desperately trying to lose.

But the real marker of how far we come is that I wasn't embarrassed to tell my friends what I'd done either. I posted it right out there on Facebook. Yes, I'm a gamer, and so are all the ladies from my girls' night. We're working out and losing weight, but the title still applies.

Gamers are not just the dudes living in mom's basement anymore, and society is giving us all a break. Thank you technology! I can even be cool with my kid's new burgeoning obsession with her Nintendo DS -- this will not mark her for life!

When did you get hooked on gaming? Were you ever wary of telling people about your obsession?


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* A copy of Zumba Fitness Rush was provided by Majesco Entertainment



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Samantha Wortham

Hahaha. This is me exactly! So glad to not be alone. I use dance central though because Zumba Fitness got low reviews. Does it get high user reviews though?

kebrowni kebrowni

I'm pretty sure you're not considered a gamer because you do workout DVDs on a gaming console. Gamers to me are still guys (or girls) who lounge on the couch or at their computer with headphones and a controller for hours on end playing something like WoW or Skyrim or COD. And I have nothing against gamers; my husband is one :P

jeann... jeannesager

@Samantha, I liked it because it targets whole body. I have to try Dance Central -- does it work out arms, etc.?

twoki... twokidsrme

I've been gaming since the first Atari came out. LOL Never been ashamed of it. I played Leisure Suit Larry on the Commodore 64 in the late 80s early 90s if THAT tells you anything. I've always loved games. Games of any kind. Card, board, computer, handhelds, and consoles. We have them all at our house. We were all gamers before being gamers was cool. LOL (though some still think it's not) My sister thinks it's ridiculous that at 40 we play games like teenagers. I tell her SHE doesn't know what she's missing. I have played everything from Pong to Qubert (anyone remember that one?) to Frogger to Call of Duty, Assasins Creed, and Fable. I'm unbeatable at Super Mario Cart on the Wii. My kids won't play me anymore, nor will my husband, because nobody can beat me. Only because I've had tons of practice. I've been playing that one long before it came out on Wii. I mastered that one back in the day on an old Nintendo 64 console using an old controller rather than the current steering wheel we use now for the Wii. So yeah. Been hooked a long time, and never been ashamed to admit my geekdom! :-)

Samantha Wortham

Yes, It works out the arms ( for the most part, song depending) and has you twisting and dipping low alot. I found that I start on easy for one round just to get used to some of the more frequent moves and then the next round do the same song but on hard. You don't really sweat much on easy but on hard.... it takes some work! Of course, I end up making up my own moves at times because I am uncordinated and can't keep up. LOL

Does Zumba do a calorie count? I know one of the fitness dance videos do.

Oh, and 5 pounds down, so far!   ; )

Forev... Foreverhisgirl.

I wouldn't really consider you a gamer per se, you're just a girl who likes to have fun with a work out game? This is coming from a gamer couple, who like Kebrowni put it, we play for hours with big headsets and computers that cost more than our tv. haha


I've always been a gamer, since I was younger. I used to play a lot of super nintendo, N64, PS2, and finally Xbox games. When I got married, my husband, a huge gamer, introduced me to pc games. It's fun and we both share gaming. I don't bring it up with my old friends or my family as much because they just don't understand. Fortunately, I've met a lot of friends online that are gamers too. With them I can talk about my 38 endurance and 29 strength bracer I got for my character. laughing

ArmyW... ArmyWife8297

Guess I am one big fat LOSER then :D

Melan... Melanie420

my little sister has just dance on wii, everytime i go over there i play it and my husband and I have ps2 and ps3, hes not a big gamer anymore but used to play call of duty alot. we love God of war though its fun

aneela aneela

ha ha i barely play Hearts on the PC....although I have been known to play 3 games in a row :-P

nonmember avatar mr goat

anyone who sits in front of a screen shooting people for more than an hour a week to me is a failure and pretty much lobotomized if you are doing this for more than 2 years .

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