50 Most Annoying Facebook Photos According to Moms

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facebook photosWe get that when it comes to Facebook photos, people should upload and tag whatever makes them happy. But sometimes people's photos can get a little out of control.

We all have certain kinds of Facebook photos that drive us nuts: For some it's too many pets; for others, showing too much skin. We asked moms which photos they hate the most on Facebook, and their answers will totally crack you up -- either that or make you defriend them. Take a look (and while you do that, I'll be over here, deleting some stuff from my FB page).

Here are the photos on Facebook that annoy moms the most:

1. The duck face.

2. The duck face while driving.

3. Pouty, "I'm sexy" face.

4. Self portraits taken in the bathroom.

5. Self portraits taken in a dirty bathroom.

6. Teenagers dressed like strippers.

7. Group photos as profile photos.

8. Adults making peace signs.

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9. Adults making other immature hand gestures for no apparent reason.

10. Married moms in their 40s posing "sexy" with boobs all hanging out.

11. Photos from high school that tag people who don't want to be tagged.

12. Self portraits in the car.

13. Cousins in tiny bikinis.

14. Sexy poses in the mirror with the camera flash right in the middle of the photo.

15. People that take self portraits and post them. Every. Single. Day.

16. Bathroom poses.

17. Constant photos of the mom instead of her kids.

18. Bellies.

19. Hairy chests.

20. People giving the finger.

21. Evidence of child neglect or animal abuse.

22. Drunk photos.

23. Twenty photos of the same person with only a tiny variation.

24. Blurry photos (why not just delete them?).

25. "The mugshot" (when people don't smile).

26. "The angry mugshot" (when people look pissed off).

27. Photos of just their kids in their profile pic.

28. Teenagers with beer cans.

29. Photos of you in every outfit you wear.

30. Kids in unsafe situations.

31. Kids improperly restrained in car seats.

32. One million photos of your kid all doing the same thing.

33. Moms in the club wearing slutty clothes.

34. Oozing sores or wounds.

35. Fish face.

36. Kissy face.

37. White girls trying to look "gangster." 

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38. Little kids trying to look "gangster."

39. Mom with her kid -- kid is dressed cute, but mom is dressed slutty.

40. Two hundred and thirty-four photos of your cat.

41. Naked kids in the tub.

42. Kissing your partner while holding the camera.

43. Shirtless guys.

44. Drunk Friday night photos with the caption, "Mommy's getting down!"

45. Envious vacation pics.

46. Super bright, washed-out faces (turn off your flash!).

47. Two hundred group photos at the bar.

48. Feet, even if your toes are painted.

49. What you ate for dinner.

50. Bad concert photos.

*A special thanks to all the moms in The CafeMom Newcomers Club for their hilarious responses!

Which photos on Facebook annoy YOU the most?


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Lisa Darnley Nice

So, what is ok to post? Your list pretty much covers it all!

Aspie... AspieCarrie

LOL!! I've been guilty of a few. But no duck face or slutty clothes! Not my scene, thanks.

Hayley Currier

haha.  I'm guilty of the bellies (if they mean preggo belly) and I don't mind "in the car" pics either.  I'm definitely guilty of the "just kids in profile pics" I happen to think that's really cute.  But most of the list i have to agree with.

nonmember avatar Jessica

This is stupid, people who are annoyed by these pics need to get s life and stop being judgemental insecure people

House... HouseofFeast

Relax, Ladies. They aren't personally attacking you for your choices. :)

Tara Williams

So.... if you're a mom, you can't have a profile photo of just you? There was a time when I didn't post pics o my kid AT ALL. Facebook is a place FOR ME, so I post what makes ME happy.

livn4... livn4hevn

4 and 5 are the same as 16.... and 32 and 23 are the same.

And my photo before the one I have now, was of me and my husband kissing under a fountain in Italy. Go ahead. Be jealous. Because it was the best trip of my life and I couldn't WAIT to share my experience. If you hate me for it, save up your money for 5 years like we did, and EARN your own pictures to make others jealous.

Jackie Jacobs

31 is the one i hate the most

Young... YoungHold

I'm not guilty of any of these - but then, I don't post pictures on Fb at all.  Not even for profile pics.

I know I'm in the minority though. 

nonmember avatar txmom

Add to the list...moms dressed like their teenage daughters, standing with their teenage daughters with that hand on hip pose. Ugh.

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