The 20 Facebook Friends You Need to Block NOW

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facebook on an iphoneI hate to stereotype, but sometimes, people just make it so damn easy! Especially on Facebook. Don't want to be seen as the "Obsessed Sports Fan Guy"? Then stop doing a play-by-play of the ENTIRE GAME every Sunday. How 'bout you over there, New Mom? You know every status update doesn't have to be about your infant ... These people are lurking under every status update, in your Notifications, and your Mini-Feed. Maybe you've been tempted to block them before, or you already have. You may even be one or several of them. I am pretty sure I am from time to time. (What can I say -- you gotta laugh at yourself!)

Recently, came up with a funny list of the 46 Types of People on Facebook, but it looked like they were missing a few biggies. Here, 20 more types of Facebook friends we all know and may need to consider blocking ASAP.

  1. The workout junkie - This is the person who constantly checks in at their gym or writes a status update about going to the gym. We know you're the human Energizer Bunny -- stop rubbing it in.
  2. The person who must let everyone else know where they are at all times - Yes, we know Facebook and Foursquare keep hounding you about your "current location," but that doesn't mean you have to tell them -- and everyone else -- every single place you go (including boring places like the pharmacy or your dog's vet!).
  3. The angry couple - Passive-aggressive fighting via Facebook Timeline messages is the best!
  4. The shameless self-promoter - This is friend who is essentially selling themselves as a brand, and every status update or link they post has an ulterior motive (to make $$$$!).
  5. The bitter single mom - Constantly fighting her custody battles via status updates. (We get it, her ex is a douchebag!)
  6. The douchebag absentee dad - Constantly posting pics of his kid, but you can tell he only has them because Mom texted them to him.
  7. The foodie photog - We know you like food, and you are a kick-ass cook who makes insanely delicious looking dinners every night, but please stop making the rest of us so hungry!
  8. The person who has the Facebook status writing equivalent of verbal diarrhea - A new diatribe every 30 minutes is just a little overkill, doncha think?
  9. The whiner - "Why am I up so early?!" "Why didn't I go to bed earlier?" "I'm sooooo sick!" Woe is you.
  10. The warrior - Everyone knows this guy. He jumps into a status update thread with hopes of stirring up trouble by posting something controversial or completely contrary to everyone else's thoughts. But come on, man! Not everything has to be a great debate, kay?
  11. The critic - Similar to the warrior, but this chick takes everything super-seriously -- especially jokes and lighthearted convos.
  12. The Facebook mole - The one who only stays friends with you so they can report on you to others. You seriously want to IM them, and do your best impression of Mariah Carey: "Why you so obsessed with me???"
  13. The Debbie Downer - The person always posting the most awful thing that happened to them that day/yesterday/15 years ago on this day.
  14. The Facebook mime - This person just knows how to give the "thumbs-up," liking everything in sight without actually ever saying a damn thing!
  15. The REALLY Happy She's Married Girl - Yes, we get it, you took pictures at your wedding ... four years ago.
  16. The person who posts song lyrics to describe their mood - I'm sure you can think of something more original than Breathe Carolina lyrics? No? Okay ...
  17. The passive-aggressive depressive - "UGH! I just want to be left alone, you guys ..." (Er, but if you really wanted to be left alone, you wouldn't be posting a status update about it, right??)
  18. The indecisive profile picture changer - You don't actually need a new one for every day of the week. No, really, you don't.
  19. The guy with the same profile picture since 2006 - I'm starting to question if you look anything remotely like that anymore??
  20. The "Happy Birthday!" bomber - 364 days out of the year, he hasn't said anything to you, but on that one day ... when Facebook tells him you're a year older, he comes out of obscurity to wish you a happy b-day.

Which one are you? What other types of people on Facebook are there who drive you nuts?


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malex... malexander2009

@KLgomez I am that way with some of my family we look at each others pics and may say hi on each others birthdays and that's about it.

Tracys2 Tracys2

People, have you ever noticed that real life is not that different from facebook, and people in real life have the same faults? We can delete everyone from our lives, or just the ones who REALLY hurt/annoy us and put up with imperfection in others, as we like to be put up with ourselves.

Sure, people who only post happy things about their perfect lives get on my nerves sometimes, but perky people in RL annoy me as well (unless your life IS perfect, it's a mix of happy and sad, and if you won't let me in to the mix, I can't help you or truly be a friend). But we all know nobody is perfect, and some of us have been in situations when we learned that people in our lives are a pretty valuable and wonderful thing, worth keeping hold of.

(but sometimes I hide some of their most annoying stuff :-)

And I don't post song lyrics, but I enjoy it when others do

Connie Efferding

Sometimes Facebook pays off (although you have to wade through a lot.  Haha)   I recently was found by a simply beautiful, wonderful, wise, honest, 'normal' Great Niece.  Wow, some days are diamonds.  We're having so much fun.  At first it's strange to hear from someone who knows everything and everyone you know, and loves most of them too.  She's a little different than lots.  She finds it difficult to judge, and lying makes her sad.  She lives far away, but I'll bet few days go by without us thinking of the other.  It's not weird anymore, and we're drawing other family members into our circle of YAAAAY!girl giving flower

nonmember avatar soooo

soooo..... anyone and everyone? You must be one lonely person.

Simpl... Simply_Janeen

The teenaged girl with the status messages to her ex. I have one of these on my page because she's the daughter of someone I know and I'm about ready to delete her because I cannot stand the teenage drama anymore.

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