8 Ways Pinterest Can Change Your Life

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Pinterest screen shotSurely by now you've heard of a little thing called Pinterest, right? It's an invite-only online pin board website that I can't get enough of. All you need to get started is someone you know with an account to "invite" you to join. Once you're in, the fun begins.

Here's how it works: You can "pin" things you find online -- for example, delectable recipes, awesome accessories, swoon-worthy home decor ideas, and even inspirational quotes -- and save them to your personal board. It's a visually appealing way to collect all the things you love online and store them in one place.

Apparently, the site's getting SO popular that it drove more referral traffic in January to websites than other popular destinations like YouTube, Reddit, and Google+.

Gee, Pinterest is THE thing to be doing, for sure! (The Stir and CafeMom both have pages -- you should check them out!) If you haven't started pinning yet, you're missing out. I mean it! The site can actually be life-changing. See for yourself ...

1. The world's instantly at your fingertips: The cool thing about Pinterest is the broad range of topics you can search through. From gardening and craft ideas to holiday decorating inspiration, finding the perfect pin on Pinterest could lead you to a whole new home decor.

2. Easily promote your personal website: Blogging can be a fun hobby, but it can also be a potential way to make a living. Promoting your content on sites like Pinterest could cause some of your ideas to become viral, driving more traffic to your site. More traffic = more money. Hello blogolebrity (that's a blogging celebrity, for those who missed the boat).

3. New life path? Why not: Things on the site are so darn catchy. After a few pins, you could decide that you'd rather follow your lifelong dream of being an interior designer or a traveling chef. Hey, you only live once, right?

4. Get to know things about your friends you wouldn't have known otherwise: You may have had the same bestie for years, but when was the last time you two had a conversation about where you dream of traveling or your favorite books? Follow your good friends on Pinterest, and you'll have loads of conversation pieces to last you through endless coffee dates.

5. Figure out your personal style: You may think you're a neutral kind of woman, but after pinning loads of design inspiration, you can realize you have an untapped desire for leopard print or all things glam. Who knows, with a few re-pins, you could be shopping for a whole new closet!

6. Find some travel inspiration: One second you're sitting on the couch pinning, the next you stumble upon a little pin of a sandy beach in Puerto Rico. Screw all things logical, I say get up with your hunny and make a big move!

7. Using your computer is no longer a "time suck": It's a hassle when your man is always hassling you to get off the laptop, isn't it? Now, you could tell him you're spending your time finding inspiration for his highly-desired man cave, or planning your next big trip. Say goodbye to that annoying nagging, and hello to a whole lot more of you time.

8. Make new friends: Just like any other social networking site, there are bazillions of users out there posting new content every day. You never know who you'll meet and connect with as a result of that last pin!

Do you use Pinterest? What's your favorite thing about the site?


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Steph... StephiCramer

Honestly, Pinterest has more likely ruined my life! I can't do anything else now that I've got an account there. It's all I do, all day. Hahaha. 

cocob... cocobeannns

Yes. It's completely addicting. I love that I can organize everything I like into categories. I save recipes, photography, wedding ideas, etc. It's great!

Young... YoungHold

It's mostly about recipe links, home decor and crafts, and neat things to make with or for my son for me.
and yeah.  It sucks more time than Fb does now.

nonmember avatar Liz

I started using pinterest for wedding inspirations.

minni... minnickmomof3

still waiting on my invite :(


I LOVE Pinterest. I like it because I can keep my own stuff recorded as well as collecting new things. I love the way I can find a recipe with one click. I've already done a LOT of the home organizing things. It's awesome. I spend WAY more time there now online than anywhere. 

If anyone wants an invite, leave me a note and I'll send you one.

nonmember avatar Kt

I love love love it although I do admit to squandering my first invite because I " didn't understand " what it was.. And setting up your Pin It button also created some heartache but now I have been addicted over a month!

Has it transformed my life? No but I have more recipe and craft options than I'll ever have time or money for- ;-)

That Ben is a genius

Traum... TraumaRadio

I love it! I've got a board with crafts to do with the kids for the grandparents. I had a board of play kitchens that we used to get ideas for the kitchen we made for the kids for Christmas. I can never think of good birthday or shower gifts when it's time to buy so I have a board for potential gifts. It's the best thing to happen to the internet since broadband!

Moms_... Moms_Angels1960

I have an account also I love it. It can consume lots of time.


ldbc ldbc

That is the first place I look for recipes now.

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