Texting on the Toilet Is Getting Out of Control

toiletRemember the days of yore when your dad would shuffle into the bathroom with a newspaper tucked under his arm and an expression that told everyone to leave him the eff alone for a while? Yeah, well, apparently the 2012 New Yorker cartoon of this iconic scenario would replace the newspaper with a cellphone, 'cause people are takin' their mobiles into the john these days.

According to a survey, most Americans have taken their smartphones into the restroom with them at some point or another. Android owners are the apparently the biggest culprits, followed closely by BlackBerry folk, and iPhone users are in a semi-distant third. 

Everything from answering a call to full-blown online shopping has been committed while sitting on the throne, and while I guess this information is interesting, it's completely and totally revolting. And I don't think I'll ever borrow another person's phone again.

Taking the newspaper or a magazine into the bathroom is one thing -- they get thrown out. Bringing the thing that you, honestly, probably touch more than anything during the day into the bathroom is disgusting. The germs, the ... smell. Blech. Everything about it is gross. Truthfully, I don't even like bringing my phone into my bathroom at all -- even if I'm not using the toilet. They just seem like a device and a venue that never should meet.

And then there's the other issue. The issue that, aren't we on our phones enough already? I get the whole newspaper thing, because people don't necessarily have the time to sporadically read the paper throughout the day -- it's more cumbersome and time-consuming. The paper is sort of a luxury. And taking it into the bathroom with one's self connotes a type of "me time," if you will. I often associated such an act with the only 20 minutes my father got to himself during the day. A phone, though, is completely different. Like I said, we're on them constantly -- on the train, in our cars, when we're watching TV. Spending some alone time with your phone while you're pooping doesn't really seem necessary. You have enough time with it throughout the day.

And, dude, it's just really, really disgusting.

Do you ever take your phone into the bathroom with you?


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nonmember avatar Busymom

When I read this study, I was amazed that peole find this shocking.

I am constantly getting e- mails from coworkers, text messages from friends and I am endlessly checking tge news and reading articles. I work in the political world, so there is no down time. Having to use the restroom will not slow me down

nonmember avatar wickedness

Of course I take my cell phone into the bathroom with me. lol! If I'm going to pay that much every month for my service/data plan, you better believe that I'm going to get my full use of it.

Seriously though, think of all the things that you touch on a daily basis and don't even realize how dirty it is. I going to go out on a limb here and say we're all going to be just fine, if we use our phones in the bathroom.

femal... femaleMIKE

I take my cell phone with me to the bathroom.  It won't hurt anyone if I text or create a fb post.

LissD LissD

hmmm yeah my bathrooms pretty (ridiculously) clean and my hands are washed. nbd if you ask me.

a laptap on the other hand...

ashjo85 ashjo85

I totally will! What other time can I sit down and get through all my Words with Friends games!? Newsflash: it IS the new newspaper.

Waag Waag

As a military wife when my husband is deployed my phone goes every where with me and if I don't have service somewhere I just don't go there so of course it's in the bathroom with me.

Ari. Ari.

If germs are the problem for you try some Clorox and hand soap. Phones go everywhere, but viruses can be prevented with proper commom sense hygiene and sanitation skills.

nonmember avatar Joanieb

I think it's much worse than being on the phone and hearing the person poop lol

nonmember avatar Heather

Maybe you should clean your bathroom more ya nasty! And quit being such a germaphobe they're everywhere and I work with the public I see people do some nasty stuff taking a cell phone to the bathroom should be the least of your worries!

nonmember avatar Adriean

I can't believe that anyone actually thinks this is a big deal. Everyone I know (including myself) brings their cell phone in the bathroom!! What else are you supposed to do when you're on the toilet? I'd much rather text & browse facebook, etc. Than read the newspaper in the bathroom.

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