10 Reasons I'm Not Hopping on the Pinterest Bandwagon

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how Pinterest makes me feel like a failure. My food never comes out like the pictures, my organizational skills are lacking, and my house is a complete mess. The beautiful photos pinned are just unattainable and, in turn, make me feel like shit. But that's not the only reason why I haven't jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. Here's the full story:

1. I have absolutely zero free time. Well, that's not true, I have some free time, just not the hours and hours that Pinterest inevitably consumes.

2. I am completely unable to follow necessary directions.

3. Inspirational quotes make me crazy.

4. Seeing pictures of gorgeous, foreign lands doesn't make me feel relaxed, it makes me bitter.

5. I can't put together a Lego set designed for a 5-year-old, never mind build a play kitchen.

6. I have no disposable income.

7. I don't wear my hair in a chignon, a bun, or a French braid.

8. I don't garden or arrange flowers.

9. My kids won't let me throw them the party of my dreams, so seeing picture after picture is depressing.

10. In social media years, I'm old. Practically ancient. The idea of starting somewhere from scratch? Inconceivable.

Do YOU love or hate Pinterest?


(Speaking of which, we at The Stir are pretty proud of our own Pinterest page, packed with tons of fun and inspiration. Check it out and follow us!)

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MistyMoo MistyMoo

I'm indifferent to it. I prefer stumble upon when I have time. I don't have time to use a PC or laptop so I use my phone.. The app for pinterest is horrible. And I find I get a wider variety of items from stumble upon...

nonmember avatar amanda

I'm with you. I tried and couldn't figure out how to pin. It's also redundant to no end.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

If the app for pinterest wasn't so slow and clunky, I'd probably use it. I also really enjoy stumble.

Charity Morton

Eh I love Pintrest, I find lots of fun stuff to do with the kids (crafts, games, etc) but I can see where it can drive people nuts. The ones that really drive me nuts are the people constantly posting "thinsperation" boards...

bills... billsfan1104

I dont understand it.  I have an account, I have pinned recipies, but other than that, I dont get it.

cocob... cocobeannns

I love it. I pin recipes, wedding ideas, crafts, among other things. I love cooking and baking. And Im planning my wedding. It offers a ton of ideas.

mom2j... mom2jessnky

I ♥ Pinterest. I'm trying out a few things from there today. Not recipes or crazy party but some eco-friendly (not to mention WAY cheaper) cleaners and a weed killer. :)

PonyC... PonyChaser

I love Pinterest, too. I made several simple and very nice Christmas Presents for friends, I've made a bunch of meals from pinned recipes, and even switched up my exercise routines with some of the links that I've found through Pinterest. I find it relaxing and entertaining. Something that I can do when my brain needs a rest and not think about anything for a little while. And I don't pin things that make me feel inferior, that would just be silly.

the4m... the4mutts

I have never been on pinterest. It seems trendy, so I have avoided looking at it. Overly trendy things just depress me. I like my house, my style, and my quiks, until I read/see something that proves how terribly inept I am at color matching, decorating, and hosting anything.

Bbqs with cheap mixed drinks, in my back yard that consists of a swingset, a homemade picnic table, and some pathetic yellow grass, is as close as I come to hosting a dinner party.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Same here the4mutts!  haha.   I agree, it's not my thing.  I'm more in awe with Spotify.  


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