The Best iPad App Is a Parent's Secret Weapon

ipadThe list of the best iPad apps has come out and as you may have guessed Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Instapaper made the cut. All great apps, yes. But there is one app that made me shrill with excitement that I'm not seeing on that many lists. I first heard about it when my friend Rebecca and her son Finn were using it and I knew it was something I had to have. NOW.

Actually, it was something my kids needed to see. NOW.


It's Sesame Street's Elmo Calls app. Sure it's not new, but for any mom or dad of a kid who recently got into Elmo, the world of the self-absorbed, lovable red fuzzy monster is shiny and bright.

facetime with elmo

elmo app

Are you getting the importance of this app? It's Face Time with Elmo! I think I was more excited about this app than naptime. (Okay, not really.) But Elmo has completely brainwashed me as well. It works with your iPhone or iPad and now I can't whip out either device without one of my kids asking if Elmo is calling. It's okay though because the look on their faces when it is Elmo is priceless. Plus, if one of my kids is having a meltdown and Elmo calls? Tears are gone. Freak out is over!

And they aren't scared of him like they were of Santa Claus. Did this happen to you, too? My dad dresses up as Santa each year and this year my twins are 2 so they are more aware of what's going on. They got so upset when the big man in red appeared. (Actually my son was onto him and said "Pop Pop?" just before the tears started falling.) But Elmo? A welcome face every time.

Basic app is free, but only to get some teasers.

Do you have the Elmo app? Will you be getting it?


Main image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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