Scarlett Johansson Still Hasn't Learned From Nude Photo Hack


Scarlett JohanssonWhen the whole Scarlett Johansson nude photo scandal broke, I felt bad for the actress. She always seemed so sweet! So smart! And her call for privacy made us all feel more than a little dirty for nights spent trawling the webs for celebrity gossip. But today the sympathy ends. ScarJo's sworn off the likes of Facebook and Twitter for good.

Didn't she learn a darn thing in that whole naughty photo debacle? She who can harness the power of the interwebs wins. Only Scarlett's not even trying.

As she told Arianna Huffington in an interview for Interview (the irony of that still makes me giggle), she says she won't hop aboard the social media train because she wants the general public to know less about her life, not more:

That, to me, is a very strange phenomenon. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than have to continuously share details of my everyday life.

No wonder she couldn't keep her cellphone locked up tight enough to keep a creep from hacking in and stealing her nudie pics! If she's that naive about technology, Johansson's just going to keep falling into scandal.

News flash: when you aren't on the Internet saying anything, people will put words in your mouth. Even D-list celebrities report a huge problem with people building fake accounts using their names to spread gossip about them. If you want that to end, you have to create your own and get it verified. What you put up there is then up to you.

Celebrity Twitter and Facebook feeds are more akin to corporate accounts. They're not made for oversharing moms who put their kid's latest poo up in video form for their "friends" to share in all its disgusting glory. They're about providing people with a valid source of information, making it easier to discount the invalid sources. They're a lightning fast means to battle innuendo.

Imagine if she'd had a Twitter when the nude photos went out? Wouldn't it have been easier to quash some of the worst rumors right away? Or at least ensure some people weren't getting their information from @Scarlettsboobs?

Scarlett can either accept that she's a celebrity with a reputation to protect or keep pretending we're living in the 1990s. Which one do you think is going to keep her personal details from leaking out there?


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cmari... cmarie452

I'm sorry, I usually like your articles but this one is crap.  She has every right to at least attempt to control her life, even in the public eye.  She's not naive for saying she doesn't want to contribute the the invasion of her private life.  People are going to say what they want even if she doesn't have an official twitter and people are going to believe what they want no matter what she says.  It's her life, her decision, no matter what yout think.

nonmember avatar LuvlyJ

I agree with cmarie...she has every right to attempt to create some sort of control over her privacy. Plus, if someone were to attempt to create a fake account under her name we would already know that it's not her since we heard straight from her that she has no interest in twitter or fb.

nonmember avatar her brother

find out more about real Scarlett by typing Scarlett Johansson actress clone in Google search bar and you would see much more then in The Island movie..

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