Google's 'Do a Barrel Roll' Is More Gimmick Than Genius

google does a barrel roll I am convinced there's an up-and-coming religion in this country and its name is Google. And we all dabble in it just a little bit, don't you think? I mean, who seriously worships at the church of Bing? HA! And if you haven't completely fallen head over heels for the search engine giant, you will today. Just try Googling "do a barrel roll." Go on, you know you wanna ...

Bhahaha, dizzy? Nauseous? Giggly? Ever since I checked out the gag (after a Stir colleague posted about it on Facebook, natch), I've been smirking. Because yeah, seeing your Internet browser perform tricks like a puppy sure is entertaining. But it's also so damn TYPICAL of those Google-sters to do something like that!


You know what I mean. They're so clever with their interactive Google Doodles, intuitive Gmail (we won't bring up any of the bad press about that app though), smartypants "Labs," and April Fools' Day jokes. To call the company ingenious is an understatement.

But that said, why the heck do they need to woo us with these silly bells and whistles? Tricked-out web features? The other night, my boyfriend cried from the other room, "BABE -- NOW YOU CAN TALK TO GOOGLE!!!" Hahaha, yes, it is true. You can now hit the mic near your search bar, leave typing to the dogs, speak your search, and Google gets all Siri-licious on you. And you probably have already heard about how Google's map technology is now going to allow us to spy inside businesses. Woo hoo. Yeah, it's cool, but necessary? Eehhh. I can't help but wonder if some of these neat-o keen features are supposed to serve as a distraction from some of the company's recent FAILs (Google+, Buzz, their smartphone will never be an iPhone, etc.).

Not that it matters, of course. There's no real end in sight to our love affair with Google, so they might as well keep on serving up the entertainment -- mindless or not. 

What do you think about the "do a barrel roll" trick? Do you think Google's bells and whistles are fun or unnecessary?


Image via Danny Sullivan/Flickr

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