Texting Bride Proves Technology Is Ruining Everything (VIDEO)


texting brideThe sad truth is we live in a texting kind of world and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. Anywhere you go -- no matter how important -- people seem to be more interested in texting and, of course, Facebooking than the actual event itself. Weak.

You'd think the one day of a woman's life where she'd tuck her phone into a drawer -- and leave it there for a long, long time -- would be her wedding day. And if she simply can't do that, you'd assume she'd at least leave it behind when she walked down the aisle. And if she can't do that, you'd think she at least wouldn't check it while walking down the aisle for God's sake.

Not the case, dear friends. Not the case at all. OMGLOLWTFROLFL!!!

A YouTube video of a bride strolling down the aisle -- one hand placed firmly around who I assume is her father, the other placed classlessly on what I assume is a Motorola Sidekick -- has, for some reason, resurfaced, and is making its rounds on the World Wide Web today. According to Huffington Post and YouTube user jimcostafilms1, "Bride Texting Down the Isle [sic]" was shot in 2008, and is not a phony video, as you may have wished, hoped, and prayed for. This bride actually thought there was something more important going on on her phone than her actual wedding. Er, correction, she wanted it to seem like there was something more important going on on her phone than her actual wedding. That is why most people text, right?

This summer I was at a Katy Perry concert, which took place at a huge arena and was completely sold out. During the show, when I looked out into the massive crowd and at the people sitting near me, all I saw was the glow of cellphones. People were texting, or taking photos and uploading them to Facebook, throughout the entire show. There was no point in them even being there -- they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves, and they definitely weren't paying attention. It was more about what was going on elsewhere -- and of course, to make it appear like they were having fun, hence the Facebook photo uploads.

I text just as much as the next gal, but dude, there needs to be a line. Like, when you're at something really important, or really fun, refrain from it. Try actually experiencing the thing for a change, instead of being so concerned with what's going on elsewhere.

Texting bride is going to look back at her wedding one day and think, "Damn, I shouldn't have been texting. I barely remember getting married."

But at least she'll always have her horrendous pictures to look back on.

Check out the video:

Do you think this is tacky?


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Crims... CrimsonRain

Super tacky.  I'd be mortified.  I wouldn't have married her.  I can just imagine her during labour: OMG baby comming hurts lik hell see you 2night 4 diner?

Neelah Neelah

LOL @ CrimsonRain :)

Yeah, if I was her fiancee at that point...I would have turned tail and hauled it away from the altar!

nonmember avatar me

it doesn't look like she's actually walking down the aisle. but whatever.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

If someone can't put their effing phone down long enough to get married, have a baby, spend time with family, drive, eat, sleep, have sex or work, then they need tech rehab, stat!

alisa... alisabethjaimes

@me: it sounds like they've stalled the ceremony for the father to give the bride away and the officiant is talking about it

nonmember avatar rhianon

Super tacky & disrespectful, doesn't matter if she was walking or not that's terrible & disrespectful to yourself, fiance & your family. How do some people really not have the common sense to know you obviously don't text during a formal event like that especially when your the main person

Brittney Brooks

listening to the pastor, she just walked down the isle, and Dad (to right) is about to give her away. maybe she thought the people behind her couldn't see her, what a mess. I would have slapped her. I am a wedding photographer and have never seen anything like this! Brides usually leave there phones behind, i know when i got married, i didn't even bring mine. AND to top it off, she reaches in her cleavage for it... how horrible.

Brittney Brooks

and... this did not make me lauph.. at all... so why is the video called "Funny Video of bride....." who would lauph it this. This is so disrespectful!

Charlene Mara Frode-Hansen

I find that to be really SAD! Are you kidding me? If I were her man, I would have left her @sss at the alter!

MoMoFu MoMoFu

yea i think it's agred who would stay with a loony toon who litterally(because this sounds so unreal) cannot drop the phone to even get married? she needs some rehab most definitely

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