'Teen Mom' Star Ryan Edwards Promotes His Twitter From Bed (VIDEO)

Ryan Edwards Maci BookoutWe've all heard about identity theft, but usually thieves just want our money. They don't care about our Facebook and Twitter accounts (except to con our friends). But Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards has been having such a hard time with people masquerading online as the guy who Maci Bookout used to date and still shares custody with that he's taken unusual measures to make it stop.


Edwards and new girlfriend Dalis Connell have started a YouTube account specifically to prove who's the real daddy to little Bentley. After putting up a video featuring the adorable toddler (without his pacifier!!!) to prove to Teen Mom fans that he's the real deal, they followed it up with a one-minute clip that details exactly which "Ryan Edwards" social media profiles are legit ... and which ones are fakers:

OK, we could have done without the farting. And couldn't he put a shirt on? Maybe get out of bed? Sit up at least? Sheeeesh! Kids these days.

But he's got a point. The Ryan Edwards Official Facebook page that Connell is talking about has somehow managed to attract more than 8,600 fans, and it's loaded with pictures of the couple plus baby Bentley. It's updated so frequently and with such detailed information that it's no wonder people have taken it seriously.

And Edwards is just one of the dads on the show, technically a supporting "character." Leah Messer, a mom from Teen Mom 2, has more than 190,000 fans on her official page, but it's loaded down with disclaimers about other, faux Leahs that are floating around the Internet.

Why do people bother with these faux pages? Because they're mean. Because they're bored. Because this is the Internet ... which I guess is just another way of saying "they're mean and bored." But it's also because there's a certain power in planting stuff out there only to see it splashed across the cover of a tabloid tomorrow. The Internet is only as powerful as its next viral rumor, right?

But where it more or less comes with the territory for major stars who have publicists and lawyers at their disposal to fight libel -- usually getting money in the end when they successfully sue -- I tend to feel bad for the C-list reality stars. They're not making the big bucks, and these kids are all KIDS, with babies who are going to one day Google themselves and find a whole lot of faux gossip out there because Mom and Dad didn't know how to quash it. 

Do you feel bad for the Teen Mom stars?


Image via MTV

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