5 Hilarious AutoCorrect Bloopers That Will Make Your Day

autocorrectYou know what has the power to make a bad day worse and a good day better? AutoCorrect for iPhones! If you're the victim of AutoCorrect -- i.e., you're in a rush and you just want to send a damn text message and it keeps changing "like" to "Luke" -- bad day worse. If you're a spectator of AutoCorrect -- i.e., you're whiling away your already awesome, laid-back day by perusing the hilarious site, DamnYouAutoCorrect -- good day better.

Since I've already had a few frustrating AutoCorrect snafus today ("Where'd" to "Whets"; "Sure" to "Sit"; and, of course freakin' "Like" to stupid "Luke"!) and this day, so far, has been less than stellar, I thought I'd try to turn things radical -- for you! -- by sharing some of AutoCorrect's classics. Happy Thursday.







Ah, the classic mix-up. Judging by her casual response, Jenna really must have not given two craps about Jason. Poor guy. I wonder how they're doing.


So, yeah, clearly the dude knew there was an AutoCorrect issue because he seems awfully casual when learning his friend went on a murdering spree the night before.


Well, that would be unsettling news to receive over text. Damn this phone is right.


Yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and believe that this one is a fake. It's too well-executed. Nevertheless, it's still hilarious.


Um ... yeah ... not sure who this was meant for, but I'm thinking she should dump him. Anybody who uses that phrase -- just, no.

Do you find AutoCorrect annoying?


Images via DamnYouAutoCorrect

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