Don Draper Sells Facebook Timeline Better Than Mark Zuckerberg (VIDEO)

don draper facebook timelineAs you probably know, we're entering a brand new era for Facebook. Not sure if this is going to happen at the stroke of midnight all Cinderella or Christmas-like tonight or what, but seems like most users' Facebook profiles will morph into a Facebook Timeline in the next couple of days. From the looks of previews, the new, "virtual scrapbook"-style profile is extremely visual and tries to act as something of a biographical storybook all about you and everything you've ever done on Facebook. It'll even document life events that occurred before Facebook was around, like, oh, being born or being a toddler as "way back" as the '80s, '70s, or whenever you joined the world.

Groundbreaking, right? But the idea behind Facebook Timeline has been around well before Mark Zuckerberg unveiled it at f8 last week. Just think back to that scene from AMC's Mad Men in which Don Draper introduced an ad campaign for Kodak’s Carousel ...


Now, watch the scene "re-imagined" with Facebook Timeline in mind.

Hahaha, that was about 100x more fascinating and amazing than Zuck's looooong, geeked-out f8 speech, no?! Oh, I LOVE it, and not just because I've been longing for the always-dashing Don Draper to return to my TV screen for way too long now.

I gotta note, though, whoever did this obviously had A LOT of time on their hands. They may have even built that entire Draper Timeline to make the video, right? Too funny! But I'm not laughing at them. The video is incredibly seamless and totally inspired. At first, I thought they'd have Zuckerberg's explanation of Timeline as a voiceover on Don, but there was no need! All of the lines fit PERFECTLY.

Actually, blending the two -- Mad Men and Timeline -- makes a lot of sense. Facebook is totally selling us nostalgia ... trying to ensure we cultivate our "sentimental bonds" via their product, especially in its latest incarnation. Sure, they're also selling us a slew of other things, like being able to "connect" with our friends or bolster our relationships by "sharing." But everyone wants to be able to tell the story of their life, and now you can, thanks to Facebook. How glorious is that? We just have to be comfortable with the fact that enjoying Timeline opens us up even more as targets to today's "Mad Men." But that's okay ... it's a price most of us are probably willing to pay for our very own "time machines."

What do you think about this Mad Men-Facebook mash-up -- pretty great, right?


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