Demi Moore Made a Mistake Becoming Mrs. Kutcher

Demi Moore Twitter

There's a sad but helpful lesson for everyone to take away from the Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split (assuming the whole thing isn't a big old tabloid lie!), and that's this: Before making any kind of major life commitment, make sure you consider it very carefully, because not everything in life is easy to erase without major emotional distress and feelings of abject loss.

Oh, not talking about Ashton. Divorcing a cheating hound dog of a husband is the easy part. A good lawyer and a few hundred thou and she'll be done with him in a week. I'm talking about the other really big commitment that Demi made a few years back in her marriage that she must be really kicking herself for right now ...


Her choice of Twitter handle: @MrsKutcher. I love that she thought she was going to be that forever, just like her marriage, despite the rest of the world knowing they were doomed from the start. It was an old-fashioned and romantic side of Demi few of us ever knew! But changing that sucker is going to be a bitch for a Twitter addict like Moore, much messier and more traumatic than a divorce.

Demi legally changed her last name to Kutcher (she kept Moore only for professional endeavors) two years after she and Ashton married on September 24, 2005, six years before, almost to the exact day, he was supposedly banging some blond from a bar. She's supposedly "Demi Kutcher" on all her credit cards, her passport, and other legal documents. But, pe-shaw, all that takes to fix is a few annoying forms.

Her Twitter handle is another story entirely. It's like changing your identity! Suddenly it will be DMoore, or DemiM or DemMo sending out all those pictures of bikinis and it just won't feel like the same person. Plus it's a logistical hassle. She'll need to send out an update to her followers before she changes her username, because any replies or messages sent to her old username will not be associated with her account once she's changed to her new username. Demi might want to consider taking out an ad in the New York Times or something. Like she needs this headache at a time like this!

I hope for Moore's sake the rumor isn't true, but it's not looking too good, and her Twitter page has been unusually silent today as the rumors swirl. Either way, @Aplusk needs to stop promoting the fact that Two and a Half Men is now available on iTunes to his 7.7 million followers and start explaining some stuff. Now.

Have you ever changed your Twitter handle?

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