Sorry, Apple Haters, Amazon 'Kindle Fire' Tablet Won't Beat the iPad

woman reading tabletA new 7-inch tablet is coming to town! The much-anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will probably be available for sale just ahead of the holiday season, during the second week of November. But as much as Apple haters want to hope the Kindle Fire will kill the iPad, it doesn't sound like that'll be the case.

Running on customized Android software, the tablet is pretty much a glorified portable TV. Amazon wants people to use it as a gateway to buying their streaming videos and books through the website. In other words, I'm not sure the focus of the Kindle Fire will be much like that of the app-happy iPad at all. More likely, it'll just be giving the BlackBerry Playbook a run for its money. And who really cares about that?


I would simply choose one over the other based on price ... and the Kindle Fire's price doesn't seem that competitive at $250 or as much as $300, which may or may not include an Amazon Prime membership. That seems like a lot to pay to have a slightly bigger version of a smartphone or iPod Touch to watch movies and TV shows on, right?

Also, it doesn't help that there are plenty of rumors that Amazon just sort of threw the device together to get it on sale before the holiday season. Lame! I can't see Apple doing something like that. Even though they put out new devices so frequently, I feel like there's a lot of care taken to make sure each device is exactly as they want it and sure to be worthy of the industry leader before it hits shelves.

But the bottom line for me, at least, is that the Amazon Fire Kindle is clearly built for consuming media: Books, magazines, music, movies, and TV -- all of which can be bought and stored via Amazon. If an e-reader plus another version of your boob tube's all you want your tablet to be, then, great, you're all set. But if you want to use it to actually DO something or create something, then it obviously isn't the right device. There's only one choice for that right now, and whether haters like or not, that's Apple.

Are you interested in the Amazon Fire Kindle?


Image via goXunuReviews/Flickr

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